Damage to China’s Trust, This Country Did a Big Job in Protest


On Friday, senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi said the US had severely damaged mutual trust between countries by criticizing Beijing over issues such as dealings with Hong Kong and Muslim Uygars.

In his statement, State Counselor Wang further stated that such behavior is almost contradictory, and indeed rare in international exchanges, severely damaging the foundations of mutual trust between China and the United States, and Is severely weakening the international credibility of the United States. Wang, who is China’s foreign minister, said there is a need to address and resolve deep-seated issues between the two sides, issues that are constantly bringing serious challenges to the future of countries’ relations.

According to media reports, Wang was speaking at an annual seminar in Beijing on international affairs and China’s diplomacy. In recent months the two countries tried to work out an agreement to end a trade war on issues such as bilateral tensions over protests with its Uygur Muslim minority in Hong Kong and Beijing. The US has recently introduced several pieces of legislation that could potentially target top Chinese officials in Hong Kong and Xinjiang with restrictions on human rights abuses.


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