Chetan Bhagat tweeted on the current situation of the country, said – if we divert attention from Hindu-Muslim, by 2040 …

Famous writer Chetan Bhagat has recently tweeted a tweet, which is becoming very viral on social media.

Famous writer Chetan Bhagat often comes into the limelight for his tweet. Chetan Bhagat is a well-known writer and also tweets on social media about current issues. Recently, he had made a tweet about JNU in which he had told the university to be a college and many tweets were also made about it. Chetan Bhagat has made a tweet about the state of the country. Through this tweet, Chetan Bhagat has also given his opinion on the declining economy of the country.

Chetan Bhagat wrote in his tweet, “If we divert attention from Hindu-Muslim issues for 20 years and focus our attention on growing the economy, then we will get $ 10,000 per capita GDP. ). Then we can fight on any issue if we want. But my guess is when the earnings reach that level, then we will not fight in this way. ” People are commenting and giving their feedback on this tweet of Chetan Bhagat Twitter. 

Let me tell you, Chetan Bhagat is often seen presenting his opinion to the public on contemporary issues. This time too, his tweet has come into the headlines as soon as it arrives. Many films have been made in Bollywood on the books of Chetan Bhagat for 45 years. Which has also been quite a hit? These films also include films like Aamir Khan’s blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s ‘2 States’ and ‘Half Girlfriend’.

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