Deepika Padukone did the experiment, ‘Is acid still being sold in the market?’

Deepika Padukone also did a social experiment on acid sale, whose results have come quite terrible.

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Chhapaak’ has strongly attacked the acid attack case. There was a dialogue of the actress in this film, which touched people’s hearts as well. This dialogue was, ‘How good would it be if the acid was not sold, if it was not sold, then there would be no concern for anyone.’ After making the film ‘Chhapak’, Deepika Padukone also did a social experiment, in which she wanted to know if the acid is still selling easily in the market? But the surprising thing is that the result of this experiment by Deepika Padukone has come quite terrible.

A video related to this by Deepika Padukone is also trending on YouTube. In this video, Deepika Padukone showed that she easily bought 24 bottles of acid in a single day. Deepika Padukone raised a team for this social experiment, in which she made some artists and sent them to buy acid at the shop. Going to the shops, Deepika Padukone’s team demanded acid. Even the customer-turned-artist told the shopkeepers while buying acid, “Can it burn the skin?”, “Need a porous acid”, “Give an acid that burns a human hand.” Even after hearing these things from the customers, the shopkeepers easily gave the acid to the people.

After this experiment (Acid Sale Experiment), Deepika Padukone herself was also surprised. He said, “I cannot believe that we have bought about 24 acid bottles in one day. Even the Supreme Court has enacted strict laws to buy acid.” Deepika Padukone talked about the laws of buying acid in her video. In this, the age of the customer should be more than 18 years. They should have a valid ID proof and home address. A shopkeeper selling acid must have a license. After selling acid, the shopkeeper should also inform the police about it. 

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