Hina Khan, who broke the hacker’s heart, was badly trapped, the video of the actress surprised the fans


Hacked Trailer: Hina Khan is going to enter Bollywood through the movie ‘Hacked’. Recently, the trailer of his film has been released.

Hacked Trailer: From ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, Hina Khan (Hina Khan), who has made her strong identity in ‘Big Boy’, is going to enter Bollywood through ‘Hacked’ (Hacked). Recently, the trailer of his film has been released, which has surprised the audience to a great extent. In this trailer, people got to see the different styles of Hina Khan, as well as the trailer also learned that due to the internet, people’s lives can also be ruined. After watching the trailer of ‘Hacked’, the fans are not tired of praising Hina Khan ‘s acting. Not only this, but the audience has also liked the new concept of the film.

Explain that Rohan Shah (Roshan Shah) is going to play the lead role in ‘Hacked’ with Hina Khan. This trailer showed that a 19-year-old boy goes crazy about Hina Khan. But when the actress is not convinced, he tries to do her life in his fist. In such a situation, looking at the trailer, it seems that Hina Khan is badly trapped by breaking the heart of a hacker. Let us know that this film of Hina and Rohan Shah is being released on 17 February this year. In such a situation, it is to be seen that what is the new drama of Bollywood’s daughter-in-law in Bollywood. 


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