20 years ago this person taught Malaika Arora to dance, Naam Jaan Ho will be surprised


Malaika Arora, along with her mentor Terence Lewis, will soon be seen in the show ‘India’s Best Dancer’.

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is often in discussion about her style. Fitness queen Malaika Arora is also always in discussion about her dance. Especially his Chhaya Chhaya Song, even today people are the favorite of many people. But everyone would be surprised to know that Malaika Arora’s dance teacher is none other than Tarrant Lewis, who was seen as a judge in ‘Dance India Dance’. 20 years ago, the actress was a student of Terence Louis and she will soon be seen judging the Sony TV dance show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ with her.

Terence Lewis and Malaika Arora have judged many shows during her career, but she will be seen doing a show together for the first time. Talking about Malaika Arora, who was her student 20 years ago, Terence Louis said, “Whenever it comes to glamor, dance, and expressions, I think Malaika Arora comes out as a true diva and in this case she has someone Can’t Beat. Today is 20 years long when I remember, but she was still as she is today. I am looking forward to this show and I am sure we are the best in it. Sector Best choose to. ”

Apart from Terence Lewis, Malaika Arora herself has given her reaction to judge the show with her mentor. He said, “It is an honor for me that Sony gave me the opportunity to be the judge of India’s Best Dancer. One of the special reasons for being thankful for this show is that I will be the judge with Terence in it, who will be 20 years old I was my mentor earlier when I was learning dance. He was still a legend and is still a legend. I am very excited to be a part of ‘India’s Best Dancer’. ” Let me tell you that along with Malaika and Terence, this show will also judge Geeta Kapoor.


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