Rod Stewart Reveals That He Spoke to Elton John Again After Three Years

Singers Elton John and Rod Stewart (Photo: Getty Images)

Friends for 50 years, singers were fighting over Stewart’s criticism of his colleague

Singers Rod Stewart, 76, and Elton John, 73, spoke again after almost three years of fighting. The information was revealed by Stewart, who said he decided to apologize to his colleague in order to set a good example for his youngest children.

Friends for nearly five decades, the singers started falling out in 2018 when Stewart made a joke about John’s retirement tour. The following year, he even criticized the film ‘Rocketman’, which addresses John’s career.

Singer Rod Stewart (Photo: Instagram)

“I was a little bit resentful when he announced his tour. I regret it, I really regret it. So we are friends now again. I love him,” said Stewart, on the podcast The Harry Redknapp Show, according to The Sun newspaper.

In the interview, the singer also spoke about the history of friendship between them. “We have always been fierce enemies over the years, but this has always been on a fun level. But we have our worst streak, like a wedding. It went on for too long.”

Singer Elton John (Photo: getty images)

In October 2020, unpublished excerpts of the new unreleased version of Elton John’s autobiography were released, in which he talked about his disagreements with his colleague.

“I certainly don’t feel the need to have a talk about the wild spirit of rock by someone who has spent most of the last decade singing versions of American classics and Christmas songs,” said the singer, in a text published by The Sun newspaper.

Singers Rod Stewart and Elton John (Photo: Getty Images)


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