Hugh Grant Causes Commotion When Calling Ex to Star in Movie Answering Post on Networks

Hugh Grant invited Elizabeth Hurley to work with him on Paddington 3 (Photo: Getty Images / Twitter)

Now 60 and the father of five children, the actor dated Elizabeth Hurley between 1987 and 2000

Actor Hugh Grant caused a stir on social media by making an informal Twitter invitation to actress Elizabeth Hurley, his ex-girlfriend, to star alongside him in the next film in the ‘Paddington’ franchise. The invitation was made by the 60-year-old star in response to a post by the actress in which she poses with jars of marmalades, the favorite food of Teddy Paddington. Grant played the villain of ‘The Adventures of Paddington 2’ (2017).

The post of actor Hugh Grant playing with the possibility of the presence of actress Elizabeth Hurley in Paddington 3 (Photo: Twitter)

Grant’s girlfriend between 1987 and 2000, Hurley wrote in the photo caption with the jars in her hands: “The lockdown turns me into a crazy housewife: I already have 47 jars of marmalade under the stairs and I have another bag of oranges in front of me”. In his sympathetic response, the actor wrote: “Paddington 3”.

Actor Hugh Grant in the scene of The Adventures of Padington 2 (2017) (Photo: Reproduction)

“It is beautiful to see these two still friends and so close,” wrote one person in response to the actor’s tweet. “The most perfect couple,” replied another. “I love that Hugh is still so supportive of her,” said a third. “Yes, she should be on ‘Paddington 3’ and you should be in love again,” someone else joked.

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant at an event in 2000 (Photo: Getty Images)

Grant has been married since 2018 to TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein, mother of three of his five children. The other two are from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong. His relationship with Hurley ended in 2000, five years after he was arrested for hiring the services of a call girl in Los Angeles.

Hugh Grant in June 1995. Prosecution: obscene conduct (having been caught with a prostitute). (Photo: Disclosure)

After the end of the relationship with Grant, Hurley had his son, Damien (18 years old), as a result of his courtship with businessman Steve Bing. Despite breaking up with Grant, Hurley has already given interviews extolling the friendship he maintained with his ex.

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein (Photo: Getty Images)

She talked about her ex in an interview with People magazine last year: “I talk to him a lot (…) I go after him to ask for advice on the scripts I receive. Although he is happily married and has five children and I have my own life, we still have some partnerships in which we get along very well ”.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley and son Damian Hurley (Photo: Instagram)


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