Lady Gaga’s Look in Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration Generates Jokes With ‘the Hunger Games’

Lady Gaga at the inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden and Jennifer Lawrence in a Hunger Games poster: The Hope - The Final (2015) (Photo: reproduction; disclosure)

Singer and actress sang United States anthem at a ceremony held on Wednesday (20)

This Wednesday (20), Lady Gaga was present at the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden as president of the United States, where she sang her country’s national anthem – and the internet couldn’t help but make humorous comments about the outfit used by the singer and actress.

Many Twitter users pointed out that Gaga’s look made her look like a character from the ‘Hunger Games’ films, set in a fictional country called Panem. That’s because, in the dystopian franchise, those who live in the Capital – a technologically advanced city where the richest and most powerful in Panem live – wear extravagant clothes.

Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket, a character from the Capital of the Hunger Games saga, and Jennifer Lawrence as the heroine Katniss Everdeen (Photo: Disclosure)
Hunger Games – Hope poster (Photo: publicity)

Another detail that inspired the comparisons was the golden brooch in the shape of a dove used by the actress of ‘A Star is Born’: some fans of ‘The Hunger Games’ pointed out that it is similar to the robin brooch of the protagonist Katniss – accessory that, in the saga created by author Suzanne Collins, it is the symbol of a rebellion.

“It looks like Lady Gaga is going to announce the 74th Hunger Games”

“The Sun shines in a new Panem”

“Lady Gaga arriving in Panem with her robin brooch”

“Who else raised three fingers in the air when Lady Gaga appeared with a ‘Hunger Games’ cosplay?”

See below Lady Gaga’s presentation at the inauguration ceremony of American President Joe Biden:


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