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Type of recreation:
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May 26, 2015
Paradox Interactive
Magicka 2 (2.11 GB) is an Action-adventure online game developed and printed by Paradox Interactive. It was launched on May 26, 2015 for Windows. The opening of Magicka 2 begins with a backstory, how 1 via 4 wizards from the Order of Magick saved Midgard from sure doom a number of occasions (the story of Magicka). Due to this success, the Order of Magick determined to increase by founding a number of wizard colleges throughout Midgard. However, battle between the colleges grew, finally sparking the Wizard Wars. The aftermath of the wars resulted in lots of wizards decimated, and people who survived tread the shadows of their former glory. Without wizards destroying the human’s lifestyle, the Golden Age of Man has begun. During this era of calmness, a seer named Nostrir the Soothslayer has prophesied {that a} youngster, infused with magick from the magickal residue brought on by the Wizard Wars, was born someplace in Midgard.

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