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Patience runs out for BJP’s alliance partners



  1. MGP gives a month time
  2. GFP says leadership issue was discussed
  3. BJP leaders queue up to be next CM


BJP battles disgruntled partymen and impatient allies as decision on Parrikar’s successor drags on

Team Spotlight

GOA: The parivaar is divided and disgruntled. While the BJP prays for the recovery of Manohar Parrikar’s failing health, it has an equally fervent prayer on its lips- stop the growing differences and mistrust among its leadership.

The decision to extract two congress MLAs, Dayanand Sopte and Subhash Shirodkar and pitchfork them into by-elections as BJP candidates, has left many in the party, particularly workers in Mandrem and Shiroda,a  trifle red faced. They worked against these two in the 2017 assembly elections and failed to defeat them. Meanwhile senior members of the BJP core committee like Rajendra Arlekar, Dayanand Mandrekar and Lakshmikant Parsekar have clearly voiced their displeasure to the organization, while Francis D Souza, who was removed from the cabinet for health reasons by the Chief Minister whose continuance in office itself is in doubt due to equally serious health reasons, has said that it was incorrect to form this government in the first place, after the BJP did not get a mandate from the people. The messy war of words between Parsekar and state BJP president Vinay Tendulkar, reached a new low with the state president accusing the former Chief Minister of abusing the national party president Amit Shah.

It is clear that the transition will not be smooth for the BJP, ironically because without Parrikar , it appears to be a free for all, for anyone in the BJP. The race for leadership is also taking its toll on BJP. The clear choice is between Vishwajit Rane and Pramod Sawant but Tendulkar too is being discussed as a successor for Parrikar, if he decides to take rest due to ill-health.

The strong-looking BJP-led coalition is suddenly developing cracks, which might widen with the time.

Meanwhile, the allies are getting restless. There has been zero movement on the allocation of the portfolios for the cabinet ministers., as all decisions have moved to Delhi

The unnecessary and ill informed outburst of the newly inducted minister Nilesh Cabral against TCP minister Vijai Sardesai, because the latter said what has been unsaid for so long, i.e that the BJP is indeed looking for a Chief Minister to replace Manohar Parriakr, in case the latter cannot or does not want to carry on due to his failing health.

Cabral went on to say that Sardesai had a “personal interest” in the issue.  Sardesai quickly retorted ,“If I had personal interest, I would not have been here, I would have been somewhere else.”

BJP Goa President Vinay Tendulkar had to rush to firefight and issued a clarification next day. The fire was doused but the smoke is still in the air.

Meanwhile, the outburst of MGP President Dipak Dhavalikar against BJP for not letting a senior minister from the cabinet to hold the charge when Parrikar is recuperating is also a sign that patience running out for this ally of the BJP

Junior Dhavalikar’s statement comes at the backdrop of similar comment made by his elder brother and minister Sudin Dhavalikar that “if BJP does not take care of alliance partners, then we will have to decide our future.”

Goa Forward Party has maintained silence over the entire issue and Sardesai is selective while choosing his words. He has already made it clear that leadership change is imminent. Sardesai said he would not like to be hypocrite and hence would not mind accepting the fact that administration has collapsed in absence of Parrikar.

It was soon after Chaturthi when Parrikar was flown to Delhi that the assurance to distribute additional portfolios was given. The assurance is yet to be fulfilled which is mounting the frustration in the alliance partners.

Congress has come openly asking the alliance partners to desert BJP and join them to give secular, stable and progressive government. The party has been trying hard to earn support so that they can stake claim, in real, to form the next government.

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People to react for LS, if mining doesn’t start: Vijai Sardesai



Team Spotlight

GOA: BJP ally  Goa Forward Party (GFP) on Monday said that the people will “react during Lok Sabha elections”, if BJP fails to resolve the impending crisis on the mining industry.

GFP President and State Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai also equated the current mining issue to the “regional aspirations”.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi says  ek bharat, shreshta bharat. His statement is with regional aspirations in mind. If any party is not able to meet regional aspirations then we will not be able to get support of the people,” the minister said talking to reporters in Margao town of South Goa on Monday.

“Even the PM says so (about regional aspirations). So what is regional aspirations? Mining is the backbone of economy. It should start,” he added.

 “If mining crisis is not solved before Lok Sabha election, then people will react towards the BJP candidates,” he said.

Sardesai said that no amount of fire fighting by parties like GFP to support BJP candidate during Lok Sabha polls will work.

“Whatever statements we might make, the people will react during Lok Sabha election. How will you get the votes, if you don’t work to solve the issues of the people?,” he questioned.

Around two lakh mining dependents under the banner of Goa Mining People’s Front are agitating demanding resumption of the industry which has been shut down since last year due to Supreme Court order.

Ahead of historic Opinion Poll Day celebrations, Sardesai said the identity politics has gained much importance.

Goa had witnessed historical opinion poll in which the people had voted against the merger of former Portuguese territory into neighbouring Maharashtra.

 Sardesai said that on the eve of opinion poll day celebrations,  we need that the heroes who have maintained our identity should be recognized.

“If they are not recognized, people will not be with you. We (GFP) speak about identity politics. Goa retained its Goemkarponn (Goanness) due to Opinion Poll. If we had not to win that (Opinion poll), then we would have been just one taluka of Maharashtra,” he said.

“If we don’t accept it and don’t recognize in the history, then people will not be happy with you,” he added.

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Solution for mining impasse soon: Shah



Team Spotlight

New Delhi: The  solution for current impasse on the industry would be brought about soon by the Central government, BJP National President Amit Shah told the delegation of Mining dependents and MPs.

The delegation of Goa Mining People’s Front along with all the three Members of Parliament – Shripad Naik, Narendra Sawaikar and Vinay Tendulkar, met Shah in New Delhi on Sunday.

GMPF President Puti Gaonkar, in a statement issued has said that Shah mentioned that the data about the loss of jobs, idle trucks and barges and bank Non Performing Assets is worrying.

“Shah assured that a solution to the present mining impasse shall be brought about soon by the Central government,” Gaonkar added.

“During the meeting on Sunday, Shah stated that the issue of livelihood faced by lakhs of Goans due to stoppage of mining activities in the State is known by all and that Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar and MPs of Goa have been following up with the Central government for a solution,” he added.

The mining industry in Goa has come to a standstill since March last year after Supreme Court quashed 88 Iron Ore extraction leases in the coastal state.

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Three critical in Cement Block manufacturing factory blast at Tuem



Three workers were critically injured in a last at Cement block manufacturing unit at Tuem

Team Spotlight

GOA: Three workers were critically injured and six others had miraculous escape with minor injuries after a blast in a cement block manufacturing factory at Tuem Industrial Estate, this afternoon.

The incident happened around 12.15 noon when more than dozen of workers were present in the factory.

Pernem Police Inspector Sandesh Chodankar said that all three workers who were injured in the blast were taken to Goa Medical College and Hospital.

“Their situation is critical and being treated,” he said.

While Fire and Emergency Services rushed to the spot immediately, they cordoned off the place and extinguished the fire.

Chodankar said that the exact cause of blast would be known only after State Factories and Boilers Department submits its report.

He said that the offence of endangering human life would be filed against the owner and management of the factory.

Tuem Industrial Estate is located in Pernem taluka, which is bordering Maharashtra.

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