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How many seasons does the New Girl series have? official synopsis

The New Girl series is a situational comedy with seven seasons and 146 chapters that follow Jessica, a lovely young woman who just broke up with her boyfriend. Through a modern perspective of friendship and lovethe series shows its change of course, since decides to go to share a flat with three attractive guys in search of a new and different life. Will it be the correct coexistence to live with three singles?

Jessica Day is a girl who works as a teacher, who is closer to 30 than to 20 and who survives a break up with her boyfriend the one who catches with another in bed. Jess decides to leave home and is forced to rent a room in a shared flat with three singles that, at first, they don’t want to live with a girl who seems somewhat eccentric, ditzy and with a certain tendency to depression.

The three of them will decide to try their luck with this new roommate and they will realize that Jess is a tremendously positive, honest and slightly vulnerable girl.. with them lives Cece, Jess’ childhood best friend; a girl with whom he has nothing to do but with whom he complements himself perfectly.

jess arrival will change the lives of his three companions of floor: nick he is the most mature of all, he has big plans for the future although he has put them aside momentarily to work as a waiter; Schmidt he is a young professional who likes to see himself as some kind of modern Casanova; and the third partner is Winstonan athlete who has had to redirect his sports career and for whom it is not easy to live in a world where not everything is reduced to winning and losing.

The New Girl creator is Elizabeth Meriwether, Emmy-nominated for his other series, The Dropout, for which Amanda Seyfried (Twin Peaks, Mank, Veronica Mars) did take the award. has also been writer of Bless This Mess and Single Parents.

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