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fourth of September beyoncé She turned 42 and celebrated with a concert in Los Angeles that drew 70,000 people, including a slew of celebrities who cemented her queen bee status. So Sophie’s stadium was filled with black and yellow balloons that fans released to surprise her.

It was a night of bright emotions, many surprises and numerous VIP guests which turned the concert into a real red carpet: Lizzo, SZA, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Rock, Justin Bieber And Hailey, brandy, Peter Pascal and much more.

A night that everyone will find hard to forget and that left us with these 10 beautiful moments.

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No. 1. The Kardashian clan in silver

The singer asked her fans to come to her show in a silver outfit to pay homage to Virgo season, and many complied, starting with the Kardashian clan who didn’t want to miss out on the big event.

Kim Kardashian And your daughter Khloe Kardashian including her and the girls grandma, followed the dress code and never stopped sharing pictures of how much fun they had with this family plan.

No. 2. The Jenners are in love

Although if there was one of the sisters of the clan that revolutionized the press, it was Kylie Jenner who went with his current partner, an actor Timothy Chalamet. It was their first public appearance together, and they left us kisses that confirmed what everyone already knew: they were together.

His sister, Kendall Jenner, did not stand aside. came from bad rabbit and there were kisses, a lot of dancing and a lot of complicity. It is clear that the sisters enjoy not only music, but also love.

No. 3. Adele in the stands

Among the divas, things went on, as she was also seen at the concert Adele that although many thought that she would go on stage to sing along with the birthday girl, she remained on the podium with her boyfriend, Paul Rich. Some say they were not in a particularly good mood.

No. 4. Katy Perry Delivered

The one who had a great time was Katy Perry who didn’t hesitate to share photos and videos of his best moments not as an artist, but as a fan. “Beyoncé, thank you for being born so we can all be better“, he wrote next to the carousel, which was not lacking in images blue ivy with his mother on stage or with Diana Ross.

No. 5. Challenge with Tom Holland and Zendaya

Others who also enjoyed the concert were Tom Holland And Zendaya. They show the couple participating in a competition thrown by Beyoncé. All on silent mode. They participated and froze… They couldn’t be nicer!

No. 6. VIP offer

It has become customary that at many concerts they ask for hands, in some cases even artists are accomplices. What is not so common is that this moment is carried out by someone famous.

actor passenger friends (2021) Lil Rel Howry He took the opportunity to propose to his current fiancee. Dunnella Lane. And apparently he said yes. We have already seen the ring.

No. 7. idol and fan

The one who took the stage to be with the star of the night was Diana Rossone of the leading artists. together they sang love hangoverwhat was the real surprise was to see the veteran sing Happy birthday Queen B. What a luxury!

No. 8. Cooperation

Dianna Ross wasn’t the only one to share the stage with the host. So did the one who, for many, is the best rapper of our time: Kendrick Lamar. together they performed America has a problem. Of course, the microphone caused some other problem.

No. 9. doppelgänger of Meghan Markle

One of Beyoncé’s friends Meghan Markle there were a lot of shows this week. First she went on a Friday with her husband, Prince Harry and her mother, and then, she repeated on her birthday, although this time she went to the event alone. She allowed herself to be photographed with such wonderful friends as Kerry Washington And Kelly Rowland. And yes, he also joined the silver.

No. 10. Versace look

If there’s one thing Beyoncé puts a lot of emphasis on her tours, it’s style, and in that Renaissance World TourIn particular, the premiere of magnificent images. For his birthday there was a special gift given by Donatella Versace. When it’s time to sing handcuff, Energy And break my soulShe wore a spectacular golden-purple mini dress with the same hat and boots.

“When Beyoncé called me to create a look for her for Renaissance World TourI knew it had to wear our most iconic pieces: the Versace metallic mesh and the baroque print for the queen.. Beyoncé, you are the epitome of greatness. I was honored to create this look for your birthday concert in Los Angeles. Here I leave you the tailoring of a dress worthy of a queen. Happy birthday Beyoncé. Thank you for celebrating your “Way of the Virgin” in Versace. I adore you!” the designer wrote along with images she shared on her social media.

#Bonus track

Of course, it wasn’t Beyoncé’s only birthday, who also had a family moment where she blew out the candles with her kids. We saw this thanks to an image shared by his mother: Tina Knowles.

“Happy birthday to my daughter, my best friend, my confidant, I thank God for choosing me as the vehicle that you traveled to reach this world. You are such a rare and precious gift to the world, and not only as an entertainment genius. You are the gift of your beautiful generous heart, the love you give.. The grace you give, the wisdom you show. I could go on and on but every word is true, you deserve the happiest day because you give your heart and soul to the world, happy birthday my firstborn snugs ❤️,” he wrote alongside the photo.

From here we join all the congratulations.

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