10 most comfortable cuts to look beautiful and stylish

Haven’t you succumbed to the cut yet? bixie? It is fashionable short hair inspired by the iconic cut that was so popular in the 90s and actresses such as Meg Ryan or Winona Ryder can be cited as examples. How? What versions pixie bob haircut exist? Discover its charm and subscribe to one of the most powerful trends of today.

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What is the difference between a pixie haircut and a bob haircut?

Pixie haircut takes shorter on the sides and back and longer at the top where layers are usually made. Instead, bean balanced average length which is usually cut at the level of the chin, although it may vary depending on the style and type of face.

Are you looking for a comfortable, modern and stylish style? Decide on one of these pixie hairstyles and create a versatile look full of personality.

10 pixie haircut options

What is a pixie bob haircut?

Near a hybrid between both cutspixie and bob, also called bixie. So it consists of mixing a medium length bob with a pixie shape resulting in a short style with a lot of personality that gives a lot of freedom to the hairstyle and is also easy to maintain.

Bob haircuts continue to be a hit this year, but with more layers, especially long ones that frame the cheekbones and jaw, and more movement.

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What type of hair is suitable for a bob haircut?

Bob haircut can be adapted to all types of hair. In curly it’s called curly bob and combined with layers to lighten the sides and avoid excess volume. IN wavy and textured hair less defined, you can choose the version with shape and movement, layers, while in smooth versions polished and matched versions.

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Pixie-Bob Haircut: With Curtain Bangs

WITH curtain style bangs, this haircut is suitable for both round and elongated faces and allows you to look rejuvenated and fashionable – this is the most popular bangs! Ideal for give a laid back look to a bixie that provides movement.

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