10 premieres on Netflix in August 2023

Netflix threw the house out of the window and climbed onto its platform streaming trilogy The task is impossible about the premiere Death sentence, where Tom Cruise from 61 continues to show that he is one of the greatest references in the action movie industry. On the other hand, drama also arrives World War Z with Brad Pitt and anime zombie 100a story that was a big reveal at the Eisner Awards, which recognizes the best graphic novels around the world.

If you’re more into drama mixed with romantic stories, you can’t miss call me by your name, the feature film that launched the career of the young Timothée Chalamet, directed by Italian Luca Guadagnino. In turn, you can enjoy the classic Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen literary classic played by Keira Knightley.Pirates of the Caribbean) and Matthew Macfadyen (succession).

And if you have more action and reality than anything else, go straight with Poisoning, a documentary that exposes the harsh reality of ultra-processed food in the world or reliving the days of Ancient Rome with gladiator, winner of five awards “Oscar” in the categories “Best Film”, “Acting Role”, “Soundtrack”, “Costumes” and “Visual Effects”.

In terms of series, there are several standout films such as the romantic drama Heart Stop, which is in its second season; debut lethal medicine with Matthew BroderickInspector Gadget) And the walking Dead that after months of negotiations with his production company, AMC is revealing its 11th season to finally find out what happened to Rick Grimes and his entire community surrounded by zombies and guerrillas.

Next, see the release date recommended by us:

1- Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (Available)

2- Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Available)

3- Fallout Mission: Impossible (Available)

4- World War Z (Available)

5- Call me by your name (available)

6- Poison (available)

7- Zom 100 (August 3)

8- Pride and Prejudice (August 15)

9- Gladiator (August 16)

10 The Walking Dead (August 20)

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