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The Eras Tour has already started! Taylor Swift began her new live tour and there is no better time to be a swiftie because the singer threw the house out of the window and will review all her musical stages. Take a look at the outfits of each era.

After many months of anticipation, Taylor Swift finally started his tour called “Eras Tour” after appearing on the tape Amsterdam (available on Star Plus) with Christian Bale and Margot Robbie. Now, the famous singer-songwriter decided to pamper all her fans with an initial concert that lasted three hours and in which she performed 40 songs, in addition to changing her wardrobe 13 times.

Not for nothing did the tickets for his tour fly, but we Mexicans can only watch from a distance while he is encouraged to come to our country one day. Hope is the last thing that dies! Some of her friends like Selena Gomez they came to support herwhile other actresses like Laura Dern and Alana Haim were also on hand to enjoy their live music.

after listening Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions on Disney Plus (here you can check how to contract it for less than 100 pesos in a package with Star Plus), it was obvious that the singer had something very special prepared for all the swiftiesespecially after seeing that his tours of lover, Folklore and evermore were cut short by the pandemic. That’s why here we leave you 10 of the incredible outfits that Taylor wore during the first concert of the Eras Tourwhat did you think?

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For her third album, the star of Miss American she wore a beautiful beige dress that sparkled so much she does herself. It was one of the most striking costumes, but the others are not far behind.


There is no outfit that better represents the Reputation was that a black jumpsuit with gold trimwhich was quite unique because half was complete and the other half was low-cut.

“All Too Well”

The singer-songwriter, producer and director of All Too Well he chose a red cape full of sequins to interpret one of the most important and significant songs of his career. Of course the outfit had to be just as attractive!


His newest album was the one that brought us to this incredible tour.which has not only been linked to a certain movie classic, but also brought her back to directing music videos.


The glitter and glamor were the ones that reigned the night in second place, for the first could not belong to anyone but Taylor. Here we can see her in this attractive blazer as a dress and silver knee-high boots.


When the time came to Folklore, the actress of cats she wore a loose lilac dressas serene as said record material is, which came as a surprise and was adored by all his fans.


with the age fearless a short golden dress with a lot of movement was necessary. Taylor took advantage of this beautiful wardrobe to continue the night full of dancing and her greatest musical hits.


One of the colors that is most related to evermore is the orangeJust like the one seen in the photo. The only thing missing was the French braid, but we can’t complain as she gave us more than we expected from the long concert.


What better way to dance to “Shake It Off” than with a fringed top and skirt? Taylor showed off in this burnt red outfit that highlighted her distinguished blonde hair.


Definitely Grid It is one of the most relevant eras in the singer-songwriter’s career, and in the same way it was in the “Eras Tour” concert. That’s where classics like “22,” “I Knew You Were Trouble” and, of course, “All Too Well” came from.which turned everyone against Jake Gyllenhaal, as it turned out to be very similar to the beginnings of his character in Love and other addictions… if they don’t know why, they find it at Star Plus.

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