12 brands of wines and spirits that are 3×2 at Tiendas Neto

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Among the establishments that are considered competitors of Oxxo, Network shops, which have a wide range in different departments and even have their own brand. In addition to offering various promotions such as 3×2 in wines and spirits; Below we will tell you which brands are participating in the promotion and for how long it will be available.

Tiendas Net has at least 500 thousand establishments in 21 states of the Republicsince they were created in 2009; The chain is part of Grupo Salinas, founded and chaired by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a businessman who recently announced that he would give away “part of his fortune.”

What brands of wines and spirits are available in 3×2 at Tiendas Neto?

Until next August 10Tiendas Net has 3×2 in wines and spirits famous brands such as: Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Cabrito, Johnnie Walker, Rancho Escondido, Smirnoff, Zaverich, etc. The above in its various varieties and servings, for example, Bacardi white and Bacardi mango with chili.

Between Alcoholic drinks The cheapest, falling into this category 3 to 2, are agave liqueurs, especially brands like El Compadre and Rancho Escondido, which are priced at 54 and 68 pesos respectively. While one liter of San Jorge sherry costs 61 pesos.

Trademarks of alcoholic beverages in 3×2 in online stores*:

  • Bacardi (rum).
  • Captain Morgan (rom).
  • Baby (tequila).
  • Compadre (agave liqueur).
  • Johnny Walker (whiskey)
  • McAndrews (whiskey).
  • Passport (whiskey).
  • Rancho Escondido (agave liqueur).
  • Saint George (sherry).
  • Smirnov (vodka).
  • Towers 5 (brandy).
  • Zaverich (vodka).

*Valid from 4 to 10 August

At the time of making Buying online, Online stores have two delivery systems: the first is to send it directly to the buyer’s home, and the second is to leave it at the facility closest to the consumer’s home. In addition, the network warns that “Prices vary depending on the area, we are always looking for benefits for the client“.

Well check that your bottle has this data

When people buy alcoholic beverages, other than from authorized establishments, they must ensure that the bottle contains items such as: QR code tagissued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP); green for national drinks and blue for international products.

Other items that should always be in the bottle: batch, warning labels in accordance with sanitary legislation, lid or sealed lid. In the case of drinks such as agave liqueur, they must state this on the label; while tequila bears the initials of the Council for the Regulation of Tequila (CRT).

The liquid in the bottle must be crystal clear, without sand, dust and other contaminants; except that it should bubble when tilted, as happens with tequila and whiskey. The consumption of alcoholic beverages (even if they are in Tiedas Net 3×2) should be moderate, as they can cause diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver.

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