12 Oscar winners and their 12 fabulous dresses

She is the great protagonist of the 95th edition of the Oscars, the 2023 gala has a woman’s name: Michelle Yeoh. This Chinese actress has been crowned the best leading actress for her performance in ‘Everything at Once Everywhere’ and joins a long list of actresses who have won the same award in the last decade, from Cate Blanchett to Nicole Kidman , going through Meryl Streep and Olivida Colman.We review all the winners, all the actresses who from 2011 to 2023 have taken Uncle Oscar home, to see his fabulous dresses again.

Michelle Yeoh in a haute couture dress from the house of Dior

michelle yeoh It has been promoting for a year and has had great support from the fashion industry. She has been on the cover of many magazines, from Time to Elle to Vogue, and has done editorials as if she were a top model. She has worn wonderful dresses in these months of awards, but the most special is this one with which she has won the Oscar. A haute couture design from the house of Dior, in radiant white. A winning dress.

Jessica Chastain collects her Oscar in a Gucci dress GTRES Reuters

Jessica Chastain won the Oscar for Lead Actress for her role in Tammy Faye’s eyes. The actress collected the statuette in a fabulous house dress gucci, a design made of tulle and sequins, with a skirt that is finished off with organza ruffles. Jessica Chastain is part of the history of the Oscars, and also of the gallery of stars who have posed with the award in her hands. It is important to say that the Oscar is won by them and by them. They are the actresses, who bet on fabulous dresses that night. They are the designers and fashion firms, who achieve enormous visibility if the actress they dress wins the statuette.

Frances McDormand won her third Oscar for ‘Nomaland’ gtres

2021. Frances McDormandtHe has three Oscar Awards, the last one was picked up in 2021 for his role in Nomaland. She is a woman who does not usually air the name that is on the label of her dress and almost no one knew which designer or firm had made the black dress with feathers on the sleeves and the hem with which she went on stage to collect her award.

2020. Renée Zellweger collects her Oscar for ‘Judy’ in an Armani Privé dress. AFP

2020. The return to the cinema of Renee Zellweger It could not have been better received, by critics and by the Academy. The actress takes her second Oscar for getting into the skin of Judy Garland. For this very special day she has chosen a design by Armani Privé, the haute couture line of the Italian Giorgio Armani. A bias fabric dress made up of pink and white sequins that leaves the shoulder and arm exposed.

French and Italian firms win

In 2019 Olivia Colman won for her role in ‘The Favourite’ wearing a Prada design.

2019. Olivia Colman won for her role in The Favorite in a Prada design. A dress from the Italian firm in bottle green, one of the least chosen colors in Oscar history. The dress is combined with a transparent black cap that hugs the actress’s body and falls to form a train. The jewels are from the Chopard house.

In 2018 the actress Frances McDormand won the Oscar for her role in ‘Three billboards on the outskirts’.

2018. The actress Frances McDormand wins an Oscar for his role in Three ads outside with one of the most special dresses that have been seen in the history of these awards. She flees from all the trends of the red carpets, she does not wear transparencies or tail. It is a very simple line dress in black tulle entirely embroidered with gold threads of different shades. They still keep asking who the designer or designer is.

Dresses that go down in history

2017. Emma Stone collects her Oscar for her role in ‘La, la, land ‘in a Givenchy couture dress. news

2017. Emma Stone picks up his Oscar for his role in La, la, land in a couture dress from the Givenchy house, signed by Riccardo Tisci. It is a 1920s-style design, in tune with the film, which required a team of eleven people to make and more than 1,700 hours of work. “The entire dress was made of lace and beads and when you hold it up close it’s amazing to see the colors of gold come in all shapes and sizes,” said Petra Flannery, his stylist.

2016. Actress Brie Larson wins the Oscar for her role in ‘Room’ and wears a Gucci dress, designed by Alessandro Michelle. AFP

2016. The actress Brie Larson wins an Oscar for his role in The room and wears a Gucci dress, designed by Alessandro Michelle. It is a special piece, both for the neckline and for the color and the jewel adornment at the waist. The Italian made it exclusively – it is not a collection dress – and work was done so that the actress fled from the sweetened image that she had exhibited in previous events.

Julianne Moore AFP

2015. Julianne Moore picked up the Oscar in a Haute Couture dress from the house of Chanel for her role in Always Alice. It is a strapless dress in white organza and crêpe satin, made to measure by Karl Lagerfeld. It is embroidered with 80,000 hand-painted white sequins and has flowers made of ivory, beige and black organza, tulle and sequins. Twenty-seven people dedicated themselves exclusively to the dress during 987 working hours.

Haute couture designs for an Oscar

2014. Cate Blanchett in an Armani Privé dress with her Oscar for the lead role in Blue Jasmine, the Woody Allen film. AFP

2014. cate blanchett in an Armani Privé dress with her Oscar for the leading role in Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen’s film. A nude haute couture piece with a flared skirt. It is embroidered with gold Swarovski crystals and is considered one of the most expensive dresses in Oscar history, although… after winning the Oscar, it is priceless.

2013. Jennifer Lawrence, dressed in Dior, with the Oscar. AFP

2013. Jennifer Lawrence, haute couture dress house Dior, with the Oscar for his role in The good side of things. It is a fabulous design with a strapless neckline in dusty pink and it was said that its price was more than four million dollars. But… she played a trick on him and the actress tripped on the stairs when she was going to pick up her statuette.

Meryl Streep, dressed by the house of Lanvin, won the Oscar in 2012 for her role in The Iron Lady. It is her third statuette, a record that is only surpassed by Katherine Hepburn. EFE

2012. meryl streepdressed by the house of Lanvin, won the Oscar for her role in The woman of iron. It was her third statuette, a record second only to Katherine Hepburn. The mega-award winning actress made history with this design in a metallic tone – did you know that the Oscar would go with her? – from the French house because it was made with an ecologically certified fabric.

2011. Natalie Portman won the Oscar for The Black Swan and attended the gala pregnant and dressed by Rodarte.

2011. Natalie Portman won the Oscar for The Black Swan and she attended the gala pregnant and dressed by Rodarte. It was her way of protesting against the Dior house, to which she lent her image, due to the anti-Semitic comments launched by John Galliano. It was a dress made exclusively for this event because Portman was pregnant with her partner, Benjamin Millepied.

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