15 Great Actors And Actresses Who Have Never Won An Oscar Or An Emmy

Have you seen them starring in your sitcom favourite, playing the protagonists of amazing movies that you have rewound dozens of times, or even embodying indelible cult characters over the years.

However, and strange as it may seem to you, the following actors and actresses have never won an Oscar, nor an Emmy award. collects them List25 And you’re about to find out who they are.

Steve Carell

Steve Carrell

His most iconic and memorable role is the one that put him in the shoes of Michael, the particular boss of the series. The office. However, she has shown to have plenty of talent for both comedy and drama. She has participated in numerous series such as The Morning Show or award-winning movies like the big gamble. However, she has yet to win an Oscar or an Emmy.

Edward Norton

Fight club

His excellent performances are in emblematic films such as American History X, Fight club, The ilusionist either birdmanbut Edward Norton has always been one small step away from winning the Oscar.

Johnny Depp

Edward Scissorhands

Multifaceted as they come, Johnny Deep has appeared in the terrifying Nightmare on Elm Street, the magnetic Ed Wood either Edward Scissorhands or the adventurous saga of Pirates of the Caribbean. However, the Tim Burton fetish actor has not been able to win any golden statuette to date.

Hugh Laurie


Cane, sarcasm and brilliant diagnoses: Hugh Laurie became the highest paid actor in the British industry for his role as the memorable Doctor House, but he also excelled in numerous children’s films such as The Borrowers either Stuart Little: Although his legion of fans are crying out for it, they still haven’t given him an Oscar or an Emmy.

Angela Lansbury

angela lansbury

She lived to be almost 98 years old, and was nominated 15 times for her role as Jessica Fletcher, the title character in the television series It has written a crime, which millions of fans of thrillers and detective novels devoured in front of the screen. She won a Tony, but no Oscar or Emmy.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

The prestigious Irish actor was only nominated once for an Oscar: it was in 1994 for schindler’s list. Although the film added a total of 7 golden statuettes, he left empty.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

The actress, who has appeared in The Fabelmams, Blue Balentine, My Week with Marilyn either Brokeback Mountain It has received several nominations, but it has always been left with honey on its lips.

Annette Benning

Annette Bening

Annette Benning is the winner of two Golden Globes, a Bafta Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards, but although She has been nominated up to 4 times for the Oscarsthe actress of american beauty and other fascinating movies has never taken him away.

Ed Harris

Ed Harris

The actor of fascinating tapes like Pollock, The Truman Show either The hourswon the Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar four times, but has managed to win the statuette.

Glenn Close

Glen Close

The talented actress can boast of a long career marked by Dangerous Liaisons, The Shield, Fatal Attraction either The good wife. In 2019 the magazine Time named her as one of the most influential people in the world. As for the Oscars, She was nominated 8 times without winning any, the highest record for an actress.

katey sagal

Gemma Teller

Audiences are amazed that actresses like Katey Sagal, with her stunning role as Gemma Teller in Sons of Anarchy has not finished the series of bikers, gangs, betrayals and fights with an Emmy up his sleeve.

John Travolta

John Travolta

The pimp who fell in love with an entire generation in Grease or the fascinating contract killer in Pulp Fiction has been praised by critics, but has yet to win an Oscar or Emmy.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver

A true science fiction feminist icon and Oscar nominee for films like Alien 2: The Return, Weapons of women and Gorillas in the Mistthe actress has won other awards such as the BAFTA or the Golden Globe, but never an Oscar or an Emmy.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in 'Iron Man 3'.

Some of the greatest successes of his career were the film Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes and the character of Iron Man in the movies of the Marvel universe. The sum of all his films amounts to 14.4 billion dollars, which makes him the second highest grossing actor in history, second only to Samuel L. Jackson. But the Oscar hasn’t arrived yet.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts as Nora Brannock in 'The Watcher.'

In addition to starring in the iconic Mulholland Driveactress has been nominated twice for the Oscars, for 21 grams and The impossible. So far, no luck.

These are just one example, there are many more: Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan, John Malkovich or Scarlett Johansson have none of these awards to their credit either.

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