$2.04 Billion Powerball Winner Buys $25 Million Mansion

How about? she entered the world of millionaires from one day to the next and now she lives as such doing her triumphant entrance with a “modica” little house.

Not much is known about ONLY winner of the biggest Powerball in history, the only thing that is known is that his name is Edwin Castro and that he lives in California. From what I read in this note, he has just bought a mansion in 25 million dollars, but do not think that because he is a millionaire he did not negotiate, the luxurious mansion cost almost 30 million dollars (LA Times) and managed to negotiate a discount. Now they will be neighbors of artists like Ariana Grande. FOUNTAIN:

Many people do criticize because they think they are buying compulsively, but the truth is that I don’t think it’s over 997.6 million that he claimed as a single payment in this lifetime.

25 Cities And Towns With The Most Expensive Homes In The Tampa Metro Area

Buying a home is not a decision to be taken lightly. The property can potentially acquire value months or years after acquiring it and depending on the area where it is located. This makes it an active income. But where are the most expensive houses?

As of February 23, 2023, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 6.5%. As a result of higher mortgage rates across the board, home prices have risen significantly. Typical home values ​​in the United States have increased over the past year by a 6.2% to $329,542.

Stacker compiled a list of cities with the most expensive homes in Tampa using data from Zillow. Cities are ranked by the Home Values ​​Index. The ZVHI represents a seasonally adjusted price for the mid-market of all homes. The data was available for 74 cities and towns in Tampa but I shared with you the 25 most expensive. Charts for each city show typical monthly home value as of January 2018.

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