Kim Kardashian Asked Youtuber to Deny Kanye West Affair

Youtuber, makeup artist and influencer Jeffree Star fostered rumors of an alleged affair with rapper Kanye West (Photo: Instagram)

Makeup artist and influencer Jeffree Star released a video calling the rumor “stupid”. Watch it!

Youtuber Jeffree Star denied the rumor about his affair with rapper Kanye West after being approached by socialite Kim Kardashian, the musician’s wife. A source linked to the most famous of the Kardashian- Jenner clan sisters told the website AcesShowBiz that, even in the process of filing West’s divorce, she felt embarrassed and humiliated by the allegations about the alleged romance involving the influencer and makeup artist and the father of her four children.

“Kim is feeling humiliated by all of this related to Jeffree and the divorce story,” said the publication’s contact citing the influencer with over 14.1 million Instagram followers and over 16.9 million subscribers on Youtube. “She has a lot of friends and is very respected in the makeup world, so she was embarrassed by the rumors involving Jeffree.”

Socialite Kim Kardashian (Photo: Instagram)

The source says that Jeffree had the intention to foment the rumors and to take advantage of the commotion surrounding the affair’s allegations, but he sympathized with Kim’s request and for that reason, he shared the video denying the story with the title “About the Kanye Situation”. On record, he calls the rumor “the stupidest shit I’ve ever read in my life”.

The youtuber, makeup artist and influencer Jeffree Star (Photo: Instagram)

The Youtuber asks in the video: “How did we get to this point? How was this invented? Just because we live in the same state? ”. In this case, Kanye is living on his ranch in Wyoming, where Starr also lives. The makeup artist ends up jokingly: “I’ll make things clear: I like very tall men. Kanye and I never went out and this whole thing is just funny ”.

The youtuber, makeup artist and influencer Jeffree Star (Photo: Instagram)

The rumors involving Starr came in response to claims by another influencer about a rapper’s alleged romance with “a beauty industry guru”. With over 549,000 followers on Tik Tok, influencer Ava Louise said in a post: “It has been known for months that Kanye has been dating a beauty industry guru.” Watch below the video released by Jeffree Star denied the alleged affair with West:


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