David Bowie’s Ex-Wife Criticizes the Singer’s Biopic: “He Would Never Watch”

The model Angie Bowie; and the poster for the film Stardust, a biopic by David Bowie (Photo: Twitter / Disclosure)

Angie Bowie classified ‘Stardust’, released in 2020, as “boring” and “monotonous”

Model Angie Bowie, 71, criticized ‘Stardust’ (2020), a film based on the life of her ex-husband David Bowie (1947-2016), saying the musician “would never have watched” the biopic.

‘Stardust’ was directed by Gabriel Range and features actor and singer Johnny Flynn in the role of Bowie. The film takes place during the early 1970s, during the musician’s first tour of the United States and the creation of Ziggy Stardust’s persona.

David Bowie (Photo: Getty Images)

For Angie, a biopic is “a total waste of time”. “The only people who would watch this are people obsessed with celebrities. Bowie was a musician. And where is the music? The film was boring,” said the model in an interview with The Mirror.

Actor Johnny Flynn as David Bowie (1947-2016) on the scene of Stardust (Photo: Reproduction)

Just before the release of ‘Stardust’, the film was frowned upon by the Bowie family with production executives failing to gain the rights to the artist’s music. In the interview, Angie – who is played by Jena Malone in the film – still said that she did not find ‘Stardust’ interesting in general. “It is more monotonous than a documentary by a star. It was very neutral and bland and, without music, we had nothing.”

David Bowie with his first wife, model Angie Bowie, in 1969 (Photo: Twitter)


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