Russell Crowe Is Furious With Follower Who Said His Film Makes Him Sleepy

Russell Crowe (Photo: Getty Images)

The actor responded to a follower who criticized the 2003 drama ‘Master of the Seas – The Far Side of the World’

Crowe in a post on Twitter, because apparently, he is a master at countering any comment. Over the weekend, the actor countered a derogatory tweet about the 2003 war drama, ‘Master of the Seas – The Far Side of the World’.

Based on the series of novels by Patrick O’Brian, the blockbuster directed by Peter Weir got Russel Crowe to receive some of the best reviews of his career as a captain on the high seas alongside Paul Bettany. The film received 10 Oscar nominations – losing most of them to ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’.

Maybe that’s why Crowe was furious when someone on Twitter claimed that the film was used as a sleeping aid. “A lot of people complain about the lack of sleep during the pandemic. I can recommend ‘Master of the Seas – The Farthest Side in the World’, starring the generally captivating and attractive Russell Crowe, ”wrote the follower next to a photo of Crowe in the film. “I never got past the ten-minute mark. You’re welcome. And thanks, Russell ”.

That’s when Crowe countered, “That’s the problem with kids today. Without focus. Peter Weirs’ film is brilliant. An epic, precise, and detailed tale of fidelity to the Empire and service, regardless of cost. Incredible photography by Russell Boyd and a majestic soundtrack. Definitely an adult movie. “The follower then replied,” I am four years older than Russell. “

Master of the Seas violin that actor Russell Crowe put up for auction (Photo: Reproduction)

The splinter exchange caused many other followers of the actor to crowd Twitter with praise for the film, with actor Josh Gad saying it was “the perfect movie”.

Actor Russell Crowe during a walk through the streets of New York (Photo: Getty Images)


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