Angelina Jolie Is Already Shopping for Her Ex-Husband!

Are good pigeons coming back? The dazzling beauty Angelina Jolie (46) has already found a replacement for Brad Pitt (57), with whom she officially divorced in 2019.

At first, it seemed a coincidence, but after visiting her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller (48, Trainspotting), in his New York apartment three times a week, American magazines are sure. Especially the last time she stopped by and bought the actors a few things to eat.

The Sun reported that the actress had even introduced Jonny to two of her six children, Pax (17) and Knox (12). He currently lives with them in the luxurious Hotel Carlyle overlooking Central Park – just nearby (what a coincidence!) Miller’s apartment.

The British actor was married between 1996 and 1999, he is divorced for the second time with another actress Michelle Hicks (43). Jolie and Miller met in 1995 on the set of Dangerous Network. Both actors remained friends after the break-up of the marriage, and Angelina even let it be heard that divorcing him was one of her biggest mistakes in life.

Court with Pitt

Three children allegedly wanted to testify against him! The marriage of Angelina and Brad Pitt was divorced as early as 2019, but only recently did the court decide that Pitt was entitled to regularly see the children they had acquired together (3 own, 3 adopted).

Judge Ouderkirk based his verdict on the conclusion of the FBI investigation, according to which Pitt did not harm the children in any way, but at the same time did not allow the children to testify in the case. Angelina is furious and asks for a change of judge. A few days later, information appeared from around her legal team that three of their descendants wanted to testify! Who was next to the adult Maddox (19), but it is not known …

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