Saturday, July 24, 2021

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    Does Bloodborne have a PS5 spiritual sequel in Velvet Veil?

    According to some recent very insistent rumors, it seems that FromSoftware is working on a new exclusive for PlayStation 5, whose production will be activated as soon as the work on Elden Ring is completed.

    Quest’indiscrezione user arrives Ruancarlo Silva of Twitterwhich explains, in Portuguese, that the new title would FromSoftware known by the code name Velvet Veil and should be a kind of spiritual sequel to Bloodborne, too old exclusive PlayStation.

    The question now gets complicated: to confirm his statements, Silva would have published a discussion on Reddit between a user of the forum and the FromSoftware insider, who would have accurately leaked, in the past, the existence of SekiroDeracine, and others. From Software titles prior to their announcement.

    And this is where that Reddit user comes in, e_0: he confirmed that he shared the aforementioned discussion, but denied having discussed Velvet Veil in any way. Specifically, he did not deny the existence of the title but confirmed that its leaks are not used to prove it.

    Complicated? Undoubtedly, but it is just the umpteenth proof that rumors of this kind (or rather, any rumor) must always be taken with pliers, waiting for information and official confirmation.

    In any case, it is always better to focus on one detail at a time: at the moment, the attention of the players should all be directed towards Elden Ring, currently the only concrete project of FromSoftware. Only after its launch, scheduled for January 2022, will we be able to start speculating on their next move.

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