Saturday, July 24, 2021

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    ‘PS5 is having a better start to the generation than PS4 even in terms of exclusives’

    Despite the well-known stock problems, PlayStation 5 started with a bang, quickly obtaining record sales, well above those recorded by PlayStation 4 at its launch, which took place in much more favorable climates.

    According to Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation Studio, the key to the success of PS5 in these first few months has been its exclusive titles of excellent quality and, more importantly, available immediately close to the launch of the console, something that PS4 could not boast. .

    Here are Ryan’s words straight from the interview with Axios:

    ” PS4 performed very well in its lifecycle and the games were great. However, most of the major titles only made it into the second half of their lifecycle. This time around, we’ve made an effort to correct this flaw and you can see that. We have made tremendous progress. In a few months since the launch of PS5, we have launched amazing games and many more are in the pipeline. And the developers have only just begun to get to grips with PS5 technology. I can’t wait to find out. what PlayStation Studio and our third-party partners have created for PS5. If Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Death Return and games like Ricky and Ding Dong: Separation are already available in the first months of PS5, imagine what we’ll have in the second or third year. “.

    Ryan seems to have a lot of confidence in this first year of PlayStation 5 and, so far, sales and opinions of the public and critics prove him right.

    PlayStation will soon receive a new Horizon, a new God of War, a new Gran Turismo, and who knows what else, so the prospects are tempting.

    What do you think about it? Are you confident in the future of PlayStation 5?

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