Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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    Mircea Popescu, the millionaire who drowned in Costa Rica leaving in limbo $2 billion in bitcoins


    A current swept away Mircea Popescu and within a few seconds he lost his life.

    With him he takes a secret millionaire: the keys to accessing an estimated fortune of US$2,000 million in cryptocurrencies that could be lost forever.

    Popescu, one of the largest individual bitcoin holders in the world, he died swimming in Costa Rica at the age of 41 in a maritime area unfit for bathing.

    According to local authorities, a foreign national “was swept away by the current and died on the spot” near Playa Hermosa, northwest of the country on the morning of June 23.

    As confirmed by the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), the man was identified as Mircea Popescu.

    “An American woman named Wnfield who accompanied him was at the site and was the one who gave the identification of the deceased person. The woman said she was Popescu’s companion and that they were on a walk at the scene,” the agency told Teletica television.

    Playa Hermosa is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Photo: BBC World

    Loved and hated in equal parts

    Known and respected in the world of cryptocurrencies, he earned the fame of “brilliant mind” among other things for having helped shape the book Bitcoin Standard, considered as the most important work to understand the role of digital currency in society.

    He was what is known as an “early adopter” of the bitcoin, that is, a pioneer. Someone who embraced and promoted the technology behind cryptocurrencies from the beginning.

    Upon learning of his death, several specialized publications described him as provocative, for the blunt language used in his blog Trilema and his controversial ideas.

    All this earned him the nickname of the father of “Bitcoin toxicity”.

    Photo: BBC World

    On his Twitter account confirming his death, he defines himself as a “philosopher of bitcoin” and in favor of open source systems.

    “For any part of a government to discuss any issue that has to do with bitcoin, that government will have to recognize it first.“, he wrote once.

    What will happen to your bitcoins?

    If the spirit of bitcoin is to transfer value through time and space, the millionaire will not get it.

    Because the big question that arises now is what will happen to your bitcoin after your death and if any person is authorized to access your digital assets, which leaves for the moment all the fortune in limbo.

    If it turns out that no one else has the keys and passwords to access the wallet Cryptographic that saves tokens, they could be lost.

    And the amount is not exactly small. Popescu is believed to have owned up to 1 million bitcoins, what is called in the crypto world a whale.

    Photo: BBC World

    This figure would place the value of his fortune in about US$2,000 million at April prices, when bitcoin reached an all-time high in surpassing the $64,000 barrier.

    If he had decided to sell them in the same block “that would have an effect big enough to move the price of Bitcoin,” the publication estimates. Nasdaq.com.

    Something that Popescu himself had promised to do if the size of bitcoin blocks went from 1 MB to 2 MB.

    If met, would have caused a fall in the price of the digital currency.

    Alexander Marder, research analyst at Crypto Briefing, claimed on Twitter that his digital currencies may be lost forever, along with those of John McAfee, the pioneer of anti-virus software, who committed suicide in a Spanish prison last June. (I)


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