Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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    Why should I invest in Bitcoin today?

    In recent weeks, Bitcoin has grabbed the headlines of the media, the cryptocurrency usually attracts attention when it loses value, apparently the “news” is more interesting. But is such a drop really bad news if you’re looking to invest in Bitcoin? The answer is NO, read below because now is the right time to invest in Bitcoin.

    Enter when the price is low

    Every experienced investor knows what the most common mistake is among beginners: they only get excited about one stock when they hear a lot of positive news about it, which further opens up the possibility of stocks being quite expensive. When things don’t go so well, they panic and sell the shares. They buy expensive and sell cheap. But it should be the other way around! And that also applies to bitcoin.

    When the coin was worth about $60,000, people lined up to receive it. But if you want invest in bitcoin, you must do so now. The price has been almost halved compared to that time. So it’s a good time to get in.


    There have been more and more rules regarding bitcoin and its digital siblings. That may not have seemed as good for the price in the short term, but it is expected to be good in the long run. Anyone who invest in bitcoin of course it wants everything to be regulated. And so better regulation will persuade skeptics to invest.

    Professor Emilios Avgouleas, president of International Banking Lawand Finance at the University of Edinburgh, says stricter regulation of cryptocurrencies will benefit the industry in the long run.

    Large investors

    Big companies are on the lookout for bitcoin. MicroStrategy and PayPal, among others, have already taken the first step and adopted the digital currency.

    If they soon start investing in bitcoins, the price will certainly increase considerably. And as we mentioned earlier, a higher price is a bad entry point. Anyone who is one step ahead will soon be able to benefit from this.

    Money of the future

    Bitcoin advocates and detractors are debating whether digital money can take on the role of “real” money. The fact is that bitcoin is already legal currency in several countries.

    Countries where inflation is high are especially interested in bitcoin. If Bitcoin really becomes the money of the future, it’s a good idea to prepare for this by investing now.

    The greenest mining

    A common criticism of bitcoin is that the so-called ‘mining’ of the currency, say, making it with computers, consumes a lot of energy. It was partly the reason why Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, suddenly tweeted with less enthusiasm about bitcoin and caused the price to fall. However, he believes in cryptocurrencies and also owns many bitcoins, but would prefer mining to be done in a greener way. This is now being worked hard. The more sustainable energy is used to create cryptocurrency, the more parties will be eager for invest in Bitcoin. And then the price will go up.

    Fear of getting lost

    “If there were”… If in the future you don’t want to blame yourself for missing the boat, it’s better to invest in bitcoin now. The price is still relatively favorable right now and if you have money you don’t need right now, it can be a great opportunity to achieve a return in the future. Imagine if your friends did and you didn’t.

    If you want to arrive on time with an investment in bitcoin, you can do it right now by entering your data here.

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