Saturday, July 24, 2021

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    The price of Bitcoin gives no respite in Latin America

    Despite the oscillatory movements in which the price of bitcoin has been immersed in recent days, its performance in the main markets of Latin America has not changed much since our last report seven days ago.

    Currently in international markets the bitcoin spot price at the time of writing, it is about 33,494 US dollars, with a daily profit of +1.78%, as reported by Cointelegraph Markets.

    Let’s review how it has performed in the main markets of the region, prior to the start of the weekend.


    In the midst of the festivities for the celebration of the 205 years of Independence in Argentina, the price of bitcoin maintains the vibrant spirit that permeates Argentines today, by trading against the local currency a +1.85% in the last few hours.

    According to the cryptocurrency exchange Ripio, the price of bitcoin for purchase in the South American country is $5,766,937.33 ARS, while for sale the asset trades $19,308.17 pesos less.


    In Colombia, it tells us that the asset has not stopped growing in the last seven days. According to its price indicator, the price of bitcoin is about $123,697,704 COP.

    This value represents a weekly gain of the +3.1%, a sign of the strengthening of cryptocurrency against the Colombian peso.


    In the southern nation, the Chilean peso (CLP) follows the same behavior of its Colombian counterpart. according to, the price of bitcoin is about $25,211,732 CLP, a variation of the +2.3% with respect to our last report.


    Bitso it continues to lead the bitcoin volume exchange in Mexico, so it becomes the leading benchmark of the Aztec market when it comes to local prices of crypto assets.

    According to the exchange reports, the price of bitcoin is about $669,129.99 MXN, a slightly larger variation from last week (+125 MXN), and a gain in the price of +0.75% in the last 24 hours.


    In the Peruvian market, the performance of the price of bitcoin follows the same pattern of the rest of the Latin American markets.

    According to, the price of bitcoin is about S134.77 PEN, a weekly gain of the +1.9%.


    In the oil country, the price of bitcoin continues to rise without appearing to be capped for now.

    According to the reports of Airtm, the electronic wallet of wide use in the country and one of the benchmarks for the calculation of the parallel dollar in the Caribbean country, the price of bitcoin is about 112 billion sovereign bolivars.

    This increase by nearly 4 billion VES in one week (USD 1,105 approximately at the official bcv rate), represent a growth in the price of bitcoin in the Venezuelan market of up to +3.6%.


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