Liquid Cracker Sent Around $ 20M Ethereum To Tornado Cash Mixer


The hacker who hacked the Liquid Bitcoin exchange sent almost $ 20 million worth of Ethereum cryptocurrency to the Tornado Cash transaction mixing service, the analytical company Elliptic reported.

On August 19, the Japanese site announced the hack. Initially, the damage was estimated at $ 80 million.Elliptic specialists, together with the exchange team, clarified the losses – they amounted to just over $ 97 million.

Data: Elliptic.

The analyst firm noted that the hacker is also trying to convert ERC-20 tokens worth $ 45 million into Ethereum to avoid blocking them by projects that have such an opportunity. To do this, the attacker uses decentralized exchanges, including Uniswap and SushiSwap.

Liquid said that the stolen assets in Ethereum tokens in the amount of about $ 17.4 million have already been frozen. The team noted that in total 69 different coins were affected by the attack.

According to CoinDesk, the attacker is also trying to launder funds through centralized exchanges. In several transactions, he transferred approximately $ 1 million worth of TRON tokens to an address owned by Huobi. A representative of the platform said that restrictions were imposed on the account and an internal investigation was launched.

The hacker sent 11.5 million XRP worth about $ 14.5 million to Binance, Huobi and Poloniex.

The Liquid team tracked that on one of the exchanges he sold tokens from Ripple for bitcoins and brought the cryptocurrency to two addresses, which now contain 192 BTC.

According to CoinDesk, the centralized platform that enabled this was Binance. A spokesperson said that they blocked the accounts associated with the transactions and passed the information over to Liquid.

Poloniex also confirmed to the publication the blocking of the addresses involved in the attacker Liquid.

Recall that the hacker who carried out a successful attack on the KuCoin exchange in September 2020 also used Tornado Cash to hide the traces of stolen assets in Ethereum.

He laundered some of the bitcoins through the ChipMixer and the Wasabi wallet with the ability to mix.

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