Megan Fox explains why she is considered a dummy

This happened due to her quarrel with the director of “Transformers”

Hollywood celebrity Megan Fox has complained many times to reporters that in Hollywood she has gained the fame of a sex symbol and a dummy, which producers and directors have assiduously encouraged. Meghan has worked hard to move away from her unfair image in the media over the years. The other day, the actress told how the film “Jennifer’s Body”, in which she starred, failed at the box office after her conflict with the director of the movie “Transformers” Michael Bay.

On the Eli Roth History of Horror: Uncut podcast, she noted that Jennifer’s Body writer Diablo Cody and director Karin Kusama have gone to great lengths to bring this project to fruition. However, Meghan said the film never got a chance in Hollywood.

In the tape, where Megan Fox starred in tandem with Amanda Seyfried, the actress played the main role of a girl named Jennifer Chek, whom the lead singer of a famous rock group chose as his victim for a ritual that would bring his team eternal success. But his plan was not destined to come true, since Jennifer was not really a virgin. After an unsuccessful sacrifice, a demon possessed her, and she began to feed on male classmates.

Then the film was criticized, and the box office fees were several times less than expected. For Megan Fox, the image of a girl who does not shine with mind is fixed.

“I was heavily criticized when the film was preparing for release. It was as if I began to collapse from the inside,” said the celebrity.

In her opinion, the reason was her quarrel with the “industry man”. And although the actress did not give his name, it becomes clear that we are talking about the director of the movie “Transformers” Michael Bay.

“This story happened just when I was on a press tour with Jennifer’s Body. I think it all happened at the same time. I think that people definitely saw a negative in me, they thought that I had bad intentions and I very superficial and selfish, “Megan Fox shared.

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