Ariana Grande is dating realtor Dalton Gomez. Subscribers figured it out by Stories

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Ariana Grande is dating realtor Dalton Gomez.  Subscribers figured it out by Stories

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

After a loud breakup with Peter Davidson, 26-year-old Ariana Grande prefers not to advertise her personal life, which is why her loyal fans have to find out for themselves who she is dating. Recently, thanks to another such investigation, Internet users managed to figure out the new lover of the Grammy winner. It turned out to be Dalton Gomez – it was with him that the paparazzi caught Grande kissing in a California bar back in February.

Ariana GrandeAriana Grande

Dalton Gomez
Dalton Gomez

As it turned out, Ariana Grande herself hinted to her fans who she was dating. She recently published a story in which she spotted a new chosen one, with whom she is now in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the fact that Dalton sits with his back to the camera in the footage, attentive netizens recognized him by the characteristic tattoo on his shoulder with the image of an eagle.

Maybe Ariana Grande has a new boyfriend? Name is Dalton Gomez. Anyway, I’m very happy for her, – said one of the users of Twitter.

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Little is known about the new chosen one Grande: he is an elite realtor in Los Angeles and draws up multimillion-dollar deals. Dalton is friends with Miley Cyrus and other stars, but does not boast about it, does not advertise his personal life and lets only the closest people on his personal page on Instagram.

Dalton Gomez (far right) with Miley Cyrus and friendsDalton Gomez (far right) with Miley Cyrus and friends

Western media reports that Ariana and Dalton have been dating for several months. At the same time, it was previously reported that Grande broke up with her previous boyfriend, musician Mikey Foster, only in early March. The paparazzi even saw the star in the company of the ex-lover just a few days before the date with Dalton. The singer herself has not yet given any comments about the assumptions of the fans about her new chosen one.

Ariana GrandeAriana Grande

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