Billionaire Kylie Jenner pisses fans off by asking to pay for treatment for makeup artist

In total, about 120 thousand dollars were required. Fans of the TV personality responded to her request and helped to raise the required amount. But the fans were outraged by the behavior of the billionaire herself. Many were surprised to learn that she only sent $ 5,000.

The Americans harshly condemned the younger sister of Kim Kardashian. “I could donate one of my Birkin bags and stop asking us poor people to drop off for our makeup artist.” “How she got it! First, she shows off her wardrobe, which is worth more than people make in a lifetime, posing in several cars and at the same time asking for help from her friend. She could quietly pay for everything herself, ”“ I can name a billion reasons why she should pay herself, ”the followers wrote.

The huge spending and demonstration of luxury of the representative of the Kardashian clan often cause a violent reaction from the public. Kylie loves to pamper her two-year-old daughter Stormi with expensive gifts. Recently, a business lady bought the baby a luxury backpack worth $ 20,000.

The model shared rare shots for which she posed without makeup. Fans advised Jenner to give up makeup in her daily life.

Kylie showed the interior of her luxurious mansion. The star was ridiculed for a non-working shower.

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