Lady Gaga’s heels, Lizzo’s murdered fan and the unwashed Kutcher kids

A lot of interesting things happened this week. If you missed something (and want to laugh), read this material!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ Dirty Children


The actors stunned the fans with very interesting information: they do not wash children! More precisely, of course, they carry out water procedures, but only as they become dirty. We immediately wondered what kind of measure it was … Maybe there is a special scale in the house of stars that determines whether a sweaty child will see a bar of soap with a washcloth today, or can you still walk around?

Gaga’s killer shoes


Lady Gaga has been dressing so elegantly lately that we have already forgotten what passions she flaunted before. Therefore, her publication in shoes capable of stabbing to death, I confess, horrified us. 30-centimeter hooves Lady Gaga decided to walk not to a BDSM-style party, but simply to dash in them through the streets of New York. Well, how is it necessary to want to become taller in order to be so exiled? After all, there is a more loyal method – to choose someone lower as a companion in order to stand out favorably against his background.

Lizzo didn’t kill a fan



♬ original sound – lizzo

For the singer Lizzo, famous for her body positivity, the week was not an easy one. And all because rumors spread on the Web that she accidentally crushed a fan to death when she jumped into the crowd from the stage. The star already had to record TikTok in order to get rid of the vile accusations: firstly, she stated that she never dived into the crowd, and secondly, that she was not large enough to crush someone. In order not to be unfounded, I jumped on the bed. That’s all!

New trend: head bag

As soon as Kanye West showed up in public with a bag on his head, others immediately took a new trend on the pencil. Travis Scott posted a photo from the supermarket with a curious accessory. This is what we understand, a powerful defense against coronavirus and annoying fans like a fly. We are waiting for Russian stars to also pick up the new fashion and, if they do not come out in this form themselves, then at least make collections for their brands (masks have already been made).

Cheer lessons from a coach at the Tokyo Olympics

German judoka coach Martina Tridos demonstrated the wonders of educational methods before the fight at the Tokyo Olympics. First, he shook her like a pear, and then hit her in the face. We want to do about the same thing with our friends who managed to get out of a toxic relationship with the abuser, but after a couple of glasses of vino they periodically sigh dreamily: “Maybe it was love and it’s worth returning?”

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