Salma Hayek responded to charges of marriage of convenience

“From the photographs it is impossible to discern the magnetism that emanates from him. He makes me better, I am constantly growing and developing. When I married him, everyone said that we had a marriage of convenience, that I did it for the money. And I thought: “Yes, and I don’t care. Think what you want.” We have been together for 15 years, our love is strong, and I don’t hurt at all, ”Salma emphasized.

The female lead in the film “Frida” is delighted with the way her husband treats the family. Despite the fact that the businessman works a lot, he tries to pay enough attention to his loved ones.

“My man always comes home with a smile on his face, no matter what hard day at work he has, – and he always has enough things to do. He is happy to be at home, to see me and the children, to make us laugh. Therefore, such speculations offend not only me, but also him. People can’t even imagine how happy we are, ”Hayek quotes The Sun with reference to the Armchair Expert podcast.

For the first time in a long time, Salma met the star friend of 46-year-old Penelope Cruz. The performers did not forget about the precautions – they put on medical masks. “How I miss my friends from the screen,” wrote the artist.

Earlier, the actress spoke about the first experience of intimate scenes in the cinema. Antonia Banderas became the screen partner of Salma. The film star admitted that she was crying with shame.

The star spoke about her path to fame. Hayek had to face racial prejudice.

The actress hinted that she is in great shape. The film star arranged a spicy photo session.

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