The head of Cardano criticized the accusations of the Federal Reserve Bank of the crypto market scam

Cardano Founder Criticizes Minneapolis Fed Governor Over Allegations Of Cryptocurrency Market Uncleanliness

The main developer of the Cardano ecosystem, Charles Hoskinson, was “shocked” by the statements of the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Neil Kashkari. About this Hoskinson wrote on my Twitter page.

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Hoskinson’s indignation was a reaction to Kashkari’s statement that the pump & dump schemes on the crypto market were the cause of poverty.

“Please point me to communities that are fighting poverty with cryptocurrency. In addition to scammers who rob unsuspecting people in pump and dump schemes “, – wrote on my Twitter page Kashkari.

However, Haskinson hinted that the Federal Reserve itself is the cause of the poverty of the population. For example, the head of Cardano noted that regulators print trillions of US dollars out of control every year. According to him, representatives of financial departments criticize the cryptocurrency market due to the fact that politicians are unable to control it.

“It turns out that an organization that can print TRILLION [долларов] every year and declaring that there is no inflation, thereby destroying the poorest among us, has problems with stable money that cannot be manipulated by politics. I’m shocked Neil !! SHOCKED !!! ”, – answered Hoskinson (the style is preserved).

ADA does not respond to criticism

It is not the first time for Kashkari to accuse the crypto market of fraud. Earlier in August, he said that the market is 95% fraudulent. He also added that there are “thousands of junk coins” operating in the market. However, some of them work according to the classic Ponzi scheme, he added.


Meanwhile, ADA continues to update highs. As the price point of $ 3 was reached, the volume of perpetual swaps on ADA surpassed the $ 9.1 billion mark, analysts of the IntoTheBlock resource noted. Moreover, the rally also reflected in the volume of open positions. Their amount has already exceeded the threshold of $ 1.38 billion.

The price of the ADA token itself in the ADA / USDT pair at the time of writing is $ 2.91. The market capitalization of the ecosystem was set at $ 93.2 billion. Read about how fraudsters steal ADA through a fake Daedalus wallet in the BeInCrypto editorial material.

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