Why Hollywood stars are giving up romantic relationships

Discounts for lovers, gifts with hearts, chocolates and fully booked restaurants: year after year, all these are indispensable attributes of February 14, when the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. Lately, however, it’s been increasingly common to hear about the importance of loving yourself – especially from celebrities. And while tabloids or fans worry about the fate of Hollywood sex symbols living alone, they themselves insist that they are not looking for a romantic relationship.

On the eve of February 14, a virtual event was held in the United States, hosted by Oprah Winfrey – it was called “Be the love you need.” It was attended by actress Jennifer Garner, singer Ciara, comedian Kim Whiteley and TV presenter James Corden. They all gathered to talk about the fact that the main love in a person’s life is love that needs to be shown to oneself.

“The only thing I know for sure is that true love, the most honest and purest, begins with you,” USA Today quotes Oprah Winfrey.

The TV presenter added that it is “a lifelong work to help yourself heal in order to give yourself the love you need.”

Actress Jennifer Garner, a mother of three, who in 2015 announced her separation from her husband, actor Ben Affleck, also spoke about the fact that each person needs to take more care of themselves – the divorce process ended in 2018. After the breakup, Jennifer Garner dated businessman John S. Miller for about a year and a half, but now she is raising three children alone and believes that people need to be kinder to themselves.

“When I’m overwhelmed, I put myself first by saying,“ Be gentle with yourself. ” You don’t need to be everything to everyone around you, and you don’t need to be everything to yourself. Never rush, never worry, ”advises the celebrity.

Many successful stars are not worried and in no hurry to get rid of the status of singles. For example, 45-year-old Charlize Theron admitted last year in a conversation with Drew Barrymore that thanks to her two children she does not feel lonely, and she is not ready to start a romantic relationship, because she is not sure that some man will make her life better.

“I haven’t met anyone for more than five years,” the actress admitted. She added that she does not mind if friends offer her to go on a date with this or that man, but she is at that point in her life when a potential partner will have to put in a lot of effort to impress her. “I have a really good life, so it’s better if you bring the same, and maybe something better, because I’m not going to settle for less,” the actress said.

Since another Hollywood star, Jennifer Aniston, filed for divorce in 2017, the public has not ceased to worry about her personal life. However, so far the public is disappointed: at the end of 2019, US Weekly said that the actress does not seek to start a new relationship. “At the current stage, she feels that she has already been there,” the source said.

He added that Jennifer Aniston is quite happy with her girlfriends, Courtney Cox and Reese Witherspoon. “They laugh together, cry together and can talk about anything,” he explained. “They were by her side both in good moments and in bad ones.” He concluded: “She is happy that she is alone and lives exactly the life she wants.”

Despite this, the tabloids continue to attribute the novels to Jennifer Aniston – for example, on February 11, InTouch said that she allegedly had a lover who was never a fan of the series “Friends”, but “they have a lot in common.” But there is no evidence of this.

Sharon Stone, 62, is also enjoying the loneliness – as she explained last year on The Drew Barrymore Show, men are too immature now and she wants “another child.”

In 2019, the movie star parted ways with eco-activist Enzo Curcio, and, according to her, is not going to date anyone else. “I’m done with dating. I find people insincere and unworthy of my time on them. I enjoy being alone, interacting with children and friends, ”said the mother of three.

She added that she doesn’t feel like “men are on the same level as women now” and she doesn’t want to “play games” anymore. “I have great male friends, but, in my opinion, when it comes to emotional development in relationships, men and women are in frankly different points,” said Sharon Stone.

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