Emma Watson spotted kissing boyfriend Leo Robinton after rumors of their engagement

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Emma Watson spotted kissing boyfriend Leo Robinton after rumors of their engagement

Leo Robinton and Emma Watson

A few days ago, rumors appeared in the press that 30-year-old Emma Watson was engaged to her 30-year-old boyfriend Leo Robinton. These conversations began after the star of the Harry Potter films was noticed at the Los Angeles airport: on the ring finger of the actress’s left hand there was a ring resembling an engagement ring.

Now the same footage has finally appeared on the network. On one of them, the paparazzi captured the touching moment of kissing Watson and Robinton in the parking lot: in it they merged, even despite the protective masks on their faces. At the airport, the lovers were no coincidence: according to rumors, the couple went to Mexico, where they plan to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day in a romantic atmosphere.

Leo Robinton and Emma WatsonLeo Robinton and Emma Watson

Emma’s romance with Californian businessman Leo Robinton, who in the past worked for a Los Angeles cannabis company, was first talked about in 2019. Then the paparazzi caught the lovers for passionate kisses in one of the London coffee shops. By the way, neither Emma nor Leo was in a hurry to somehow comment on what happened, after which the journalists temporarily lost interest in this topic.

Emma WatsonEmma Watson

In fact, the couple continued to meet, but kept their relationship secret. As it turned out later, after the first pictures of lovers appeared in the press, Leo hurried to retire from all social networks so as not to draw too much attention to the topic of his relationship with the star.

Leo RobintonLeo Robinton

Last year, insiders said that Emma is very serious about her lover and has even introduced him to her parents. At the same time, she still refrains from any comments in the press about her personal life.

Emma Watson

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