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Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow shared her beauty secrets

WASHINGTON, April 8, Federal Press. Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow shared her beauty secrets. She talked about self-care, they write in the media.

“Nursing and healthy living are closely related,” she says.

First of all, every woman should have a dry brush, says Gwyneth for Vogue. She massages her entire body, starting with the legs and ending with the chest. The brush exfoliates the skin and helps improve blood flow.

Paltrow begins his morning with meditation. Together with her husband, they immerse themselves in thoughts and set themselves up for a productive day.

There is always an exfoliating cream in the actress’s cosmetic bag. She literally cannot live without him. After the miracle cure, she applies a non-toxic serum. Just two drops are enough. After a hard day or stormy night, Paltrow wears patches under his eyes and massages his face with a special vibrating instrument.

If the sun is baking outside, the artist applies a protective cream to her face, but only with a pure and mineral composition.

Gwyneth does not like cosmetics for make-up. She learned to accept herself as natural. Therefore, she uses only lip moisturizer and mascara.

Being able to accept yourself is very important. Not every woman is capable of this. FederalPress wrote about the advice of a psychologist.

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