Jerry Heil Trolled Kim Kardashian: Doctor’s Sausage in Film!

Jerry Heil Trolled Kim Kardashian: Doctor's Sausage in Film!

The singer drew attention to the enviable bachelor Kanye West.

Ukrainian singer Yana Shemaeva, known as Jerry Heil, drew attention to the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The 25-year-old artist announced on Instagram that she wants to marry an American rapper. Yana concluded that “a priest like Kim’s” is not the main advantage of a woman in West’s eyes.

– Over the past year, Kanye West’s fortune has doubled and now amounts to more than 6 billion money! This is the first good news! The second – Kanye is a bachelor, which means a big ass as the main lever (hehe) when he chooses his beloved [женщины] can be questioned, which means we do not lose hope? Rate my chances of becoming Jerry West, – the star turned to the fans.

The singer attached a video to the post. Jerry Heil edited the famous episode of The Kardashian Family, where Kim struggles to pull on a latex suit over her famous ass. Yana inserted her face instead of the face of the main character.

– Your division, Tamara, I’m like a doctor’s sausage in this tape! – Yana added a funny comment.

In the comments, Yana was reminded that Kanye has bipolar disorder. They also wrote that fat does not suit her very well.

– I’ll put you in touch with my mom! – the singer joked in response.

Jerry Heil responds to fans in the comments. Photo:

Kim Kardashian married 43-year-old Kanye West on May 24, 2014. According to tabloid TMZ, 40-year-old Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on February 20, 2021. Kim asks for joint legal and physical custody of four children: North seven, Saint five, Chicago three, and Psalm one year old. According to the newspaper, the parties do not dispute the marriage contract.

Yana Shemaeva is from Vasilkov. Vegan raw food, although she was born into a family of butchers. He writes songs, arranges arrangements using the electronic project Morphom. Glory came to the girl after the video “Protection, canceled”, which she published on her YouTube channel. Has created hits “Vilna Kasa”, “Hostel Monsters”, “Nebeibi”, “Vegan”. In an interview with Masha Efrosinina, the artist said that she had no sex. Yana admitted that for a long time she considered herself “not like that” due to lack of experience.


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