Jungkook refused to collaborate with Ariana Grande? – POPCAKE

ARMY is so excited by the news of the collab Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande) and Jungkook (Jungkook) of BTS that started popping up on the net new rumors about the duo. It is worth noting that none of the artists officially announced their collaboration and track release date.

One of the Korean users Twitter posted an inside message in which he disclosed shocking information about the idol. It turned out that Hooke had stories about Ariana’s bad temper and stories about how she plagiarized tracks from other stars.

“The sound people told him about the old plagiarism scandal, now he wondered if he should contact Grande, because she behaved unprofessionally and rudely towards other singers. They also try and invest in their business, but this is not for someone to steal these tracks “,

– said the Korean ARMY.

Does this mean that Collab can be canceled? If this happens, both artists may lose a good chance to get promoted and make money. next state off the track.

“I can’t wait for Hooke to say himself what is happening with Ariana there, I sincerely hope that this guy took inaccurate information and the guys will succeed”,

– the fan commented on the situation.

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