The general of jokes: How and why Ryan Reynolds jokes

Deconstruction of the myth about the main funny guy in Hollywood.

Today Ryan Reynolds is considered the first joker in Hollywood and a popular favorite. But this was not always the case. A few years ago, he had a reputation as a kid with a mischievous look and a slightly silly expression on his face, who, as a rule, flashes in the middle hand of action films and comedies. Career also developed unevenly, without dizzying ups, but with a number of major failures: “Blade: Trinity”, “Ghost Patrol”, the notorious “Green Lantern”. Although local successes happened – like the monotriller “Buried Alive”.

In other words, Ryan Reynolds was listed among the stars of the second or third magnitude. That all changed dramatically when Fox obeyed the budget for Deadpool. The audience was delighted not so much by the film itself, but by the main character, but rather by his sense of humor, rude and disarmingly infantile. Ryan Reynolds drew conclusions and since then has not moved far from this image, neither on the screen (cosmohorror “Living”, where he appears for a few minutes, is an exception), nor in life.

Another important factor that influenced the rapid rise in popularity of Reynolds was his marriage to actress Blake Lively, the third and most successful for him. Against the background of other stellar couples, who now and then scandal loudly and ugly, these two cause exceptionally affection. A directly exemplary white family with three children, one is amazed that the liberal community has not yet tried to abolish them for blatant tradition. They also do not hide their happiness at all (unlike, again, from some other stellar couples), regularly providing reasons for affection in news feeds and social networks.

The ability to choose the right friends also worked to strengthen the image of a good, cheerful guy. By coincidence or not, it just so happened that Ryan hangs out mainly in the company of the same positive, in no way unnoticed, beautiful and famous guys – Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. And it hangs, of course, not quietly, but so that later everyone would discuss what a funny inventor he is, this Ryan.

The myth of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool’s off-screen alter ego thus took shape. And in this case, it does not matter whether Reynolds created it on purpose – in the mass consciousness, the idea of ​​the actor as a loving husband, an exemplary family man and a sidekick who does good is firmly established (the Internet is full of messages about his good deeds) and jokes a lot.

The last point of reputation in our difficult times is the most difficult to maintain. After all, it is very difficult these days to joke – and even on such an industrial scale – and not offend anyone at the same time. But Ryan has everything thought out here: the objects of his jokes are most often his neighbors – his daughters, wife, Hugh Jackman.

A careful analysis of Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account by the International Center for Non-Fictional Research showed that 78% of the jokes from there are devoted to his children. Here are just a few of them:

“Whatever children’s book I read to my child screaming at the whole plane, morality is always somehow connected with vasectomy.”

In response to a fan’s question, is it permissible to show the 4-year-old son of “Deadpool”: “No. Play Spider-Man (2002) and say it’s Deadpool. I do it myself. And remember to look your child directly in the eyes when you lie to him. Good luck”.

“I can’t understand: is my daughter in the kitchen hitting plates or singing a song from Paw Patrol?”

As you can see, the humor seems to be provocative, but far from real provocation. One way or another, through him, Reynolds first of all presents what a patient and caring parent he is. That is, it is rather touching than funny, and with a little editing, the quoted quotes could be passed off as jokes from Odnoklassniki.

With jokes about Blake Lively – about the same picture. Take the story told on the air of Seth Myers’ evening show, when he was waiting for her after giving birth in the emergency room and turned on the Marvin Gay hit Let’s Get It On there in honor of her, to which he received an angry rebuke. In a similar vein, as we all remember, Nikita Dzhigurda once spoke. Either it’s a matter of the repertoire, or something else, but one came out scary, while the other came out cute and harmless.

Or Reynolds’ favorite pastime – posting unsuccessful photos of his narrowed on public display. Here – from the filming of the spy thriller “Rhythm Section”, where Lively played the main role (the film, by the way, is outrageously dull).

And here is a whole collection for the birthday, moreover, compiled in such a way that Reynolds is also present in each of the pictures and looks quite decent compared to the birthday girl.

As for the so-called “feud” between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, it would naturally not occur to anyone in their right mind to take it seriously. Their skirmish, which lasted for years, is probably to some extent really a sincere manifestation of friendship. But to an extent, it is no less an effective PR tool, which is often used in the promotion of the next film of one of them.

In particular, one day Reynolds “broke” into a press event, timed to coincide with the release of the sports biopic Eddie “The Eagle”, in order to interview a comrade who played one of the main roles in a funny manner:

– Many actors independently perform the work of a stuntman in films. Is it true that you do the work of an actor yourself in your films?

– If we are talking about bed scenes, then yes.

Ryan Reynolds supported another picture with Hugh Jackman, a political biopic about the controversial Senator Gary Hart “How Not to Become President” with a video, resolved in the format of a shocking disclosure, in which he stated that Hugh Jackman was hiding his real name (Hugh Michael Jackman) and his origins ( allegedly not from Australia, but from Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

At the same time, which is typical, it is Ryan Reynolds who often provides such advertising services to Hugh Jackman, and not vice versa. However, their partnership from this does not cease to be mutually beneficial, since each time both are equally endowed with press attention, likes and reposts.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds’ family and Hugh Jackman’s humor theme is not limited to. Sometimes he switches to the genres of self-irony, abstract observations, or even plays up topical news feeds in an original way:

“Finally chipped.”

But it’s time to honestly admit: Ryan Reynolds is not as funny as he makes himself appear and how he is presented by the entertainment media when the thousandth material is published under the heading “So much proof that Ryan Reynolds is the god of humor.” He is just a hostage of his own image, which at the moment feeds him, but sooner or later everyone will get tired of it.

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