20 ways to use your iPhone 100%. For example, we put a password on notes and watch movies in the window

To stay in the flow, you always need to learn. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about school and higher education or about extracurricular independent studies. The world is changing so fast that literally nowhere without daily gaining new knowledge

iPhone will become a reliable assistant here. He has a lot of useful features that will be useful not only for schoolchildren and students, but also for all other owners. You can, for example, improve the quality of Dictaphone for recording lectures and meetings.

We have collected the most cool iPhone chips, without which it will be difficult to work and study. Memorize and share with colleagues.

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1. Viewing video in Picture-in-Picture mode

A very handy iPhone multitasking feature

What to do: open “Settings”, go to the “General” section, expand the “Picture in Picture” menu and activate the automatic launch of this feature.

This tool will enable you to watch videos while working with Notes and other text applications. This will help you to take notes of important information from the training videos without the help of any additional gadgets.

2. High quality recording in the complete “Dictaphone”

The default recording quality is very average.

What to do: open “Settings”, go to the “Voice Recorder” section, expand the “Sound Quality” menu and select the “Lossless” option.

The quality of recording lectures on the “Dictaphone” after this action will become much better. You should definitely try it.

3. Do not disturb mode for couples and extracurricular activities

You can turn off notifications during school time

What to do: open “Settings”, go to the “Do not disturb” section and set the necessary parameters for activating and using this mode.

You can choose the time period when you are in an educational institution of any educational level.

4. “Screen time” for self-control in the educational process

First you need to configure it

What to do: open the “Settings”, go to the “Screen Time” section and carry out the initial setup of the system.

If you can’t tear yourself away from social networks and messengers, be sure to take this opportunity.

5. View “For reading” in the standard Safari browser

Any educational articles can be read.

What to do: open Safari, expand the required material on the site, click on the “A” button in the upper left corner of the screen and select the appropriate view mode.

This mode will remove all additional site elements from the article so that information from it is perceived better.

6. Convenient built-in scanner in “Notes” and “Files”

No third-party software is needed for this

What to do:
◉ open the required entry in the “Notes”, click on the button with the image of the camera, select the option “Scan documents”, point the viewfinder at the document and wait for the camera to focus and take a picture;
◉ open the required directory in the “Files”, click on the “…” button, select the “Scan documents” option, point the viewfinder at the document and wait for the camera to focus and take a picture.

With the help of these tools, it will be possible to convert any paper documents into electronic form. For example, training manuals.

7. Create diagrams using AutoShapes in Notes

The shapes are smooth

What to do: open the required entry in the “Notes”, click on the button with a pencil, draw a circle, square, rectangle or arrow and hold your finger until the wrong shape is correct.

You can draw up a diagram of the structure of the atom or fix any other relationship visually.

8. Blocking entries in “Notes” with a password

It will turn out to protect important data

What to do:
◉ to set a password, open “Settings”, go to the “Notes” section and expand the “Password” menu;
◉ to password-protect an entry, open it in the “Notes”, click on the “…” button and select the “Set protection” option.

If you wrote down something important that a random deskmate should not see, it is better to protect it with a password.

9. “Reminders” notifications for geolocation changes

When you come somewhere or leave somewhere

What to do: create a new entry in the “Reminders”, click on the button with the arrow of the direction of travel, select “Other”, enter the address or use the “Current location”.

You will be able to create a reminder that will work when you come to the university or leave it. Very comfortably!

10. Automatic change of light and dark design

It will be more comfortable to read in the evening

What to do: open Settings, go to Display & Brightness, select Automatic, and set a time frame.

With dark mode, consuming any information from the iPhone screen at night will be much more comfortable.

11. Special display modes True Tone and Night Shift

They will improve perception in different conditions.

What to do: open the “Settings”, go to the “Display and brightness” section, and then activate the corresponding modes in the items True Tone and Night Shift.

True Tone adjusts the white balance to the surrounding space, making it as easy to read with an iPhone as with a paper textbook. Night Shift is responsible for less stress on the nervous system at night.

12. Quick access to the last result of the “Calculator”

It only takes a couple of actions

What to do: open Control Center and hold down the Calculator app icon.

If you need to copy the last computation result as quickly as possible, here’s the best way to do it.

13. Restricting wireless data transmission by AirDrop

So that no one passes anything superfluous

What to do: open Control Center, hold down the data transfer bar in the upper left corner of the screen, click on the AirDrop icon and select the desired restriction option.

To prevent the couples from being pestered by accidentally sent files via AirDrop, it is best to limit it at least for contacts.

14. “Power saving mode” for iPhone battery

It can also be enabled through the “Control Center”

What to do: open “Settings”, go to the “Battery” section and turn the “Power saving mode” switch to the active position.

“Power saving mode” will allow you to keep the cherished percentages of the battery charge as long as possible. It will come in handy.

15. “Local translation” for the built-in “Translator”

You can translate texts without the Internet

What to do: open “Settings”, go to the “Translator” section, switch the “Local translation” switch to the active position and select the dictionaries that you want to download to access them offline.

In order not to worry about a stable Internet connection during classes, it is better to download the dictionaries to your iPhone.

16. Tapping the rear panel for selected functions

Very handy in some scenarios

What to do: open Settings, go to Accessibility, expand the Tap menu, select Back Tap, and define actions for double and triple.

Using this technique, you can, for example, quickly take a screenshot with one hand. This will definitely come in handy during your studies.

17. “Typing for Siri” for fans of the assistant

In order not to interfere with the teacher in pairs

What to do: open Settings, go to Accessibility, expand the Siri menu, select Typing for Siri.

If you like to use Siri, you can refer to her in text during any activity so as not to disturb others.

18. Handoff for multi-device productivity

One of the main tools of the Apple eco-system

What to do: open the “Settings”, go to the “General” section, expand the “AirPlay and Handoff” menu, move the Handoff switch to the active position.

Handoff has two important tricks that will help you be productive in the Apple ecosystem.

First, we are talking about a universal clipboard between the manufacturer’s gadgets, which will make it possible to copy text on one device and immediately paste it on the second. Indispensable when working on office documents.

Secondly, Handoff will allow you to start working on one device, and continue on the second right from the same place. It is convenient, including in the browser. You can start exploring information on your Mac at home and continue on your iPhone on your way to university.

19. “Unlock from Apple Watch” when there is a mask on the face

Ideal for studying during a pandemic

What to do: open “Settings”, go to the “Face ID and passcode” section, select the required watch in the “Unlock with Apple Watch” item.

If in school you need to wear a mask when moving between classrooms, then unlocking an iPhone with Face ID will be difficult without this.

20. Special playlists in Apple Music for study

They will make it easier to consume information.

What to do: open “Music”, enter “Concentration” in the search box and select the playlist you like.

Apple Music has a ton of playlists that aim to make the iPhone owner more productive. It will come in handy when studying.

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They will come in handy in lessons or in pairs, as well as in between classes in institutions of any educational level.

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