Angelina Melnikova on the quarantine before meeting with Putin: “It was hard to accept. In three days I will come to the gym, and my form before the World Cup is just zero ”- Gymnastics

Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Angelina Melnikova shared her opinion on the mandatory quarantine before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

– It was emotionally difficult to accept all this initially: 7 days without training, although in a month we will have the World Championship. This was such a stumbling block for me.

For a week not to train on apparatus – for gymnasts this is almost a complete way out of form. I understand perfectly well that in three days I will come to the gym, but my form is just zero. Despite the fact that I’m trying to do something here.

Psychologically, I’m fine, I like it here: I watch something, I read, I study, I have training. Emotionally it’s not hard for me, there are two days left.

– How and when did you find out that you will have to leave such a quarantine before meeting in the Kremlin?

– We learned this almost immediately after arriving from Tokyo. Initially, the meeting with the President was planned for August 12. Then we were told that we needed to stay in a 7-day quarantine. And we all asked the question: how to sit?

We arrived on the 7-8-9, which means that 7 days before August 12 will not work. Then they began to postpone all this: first, on September 1, which means, on August 22, to quarantine; then on September 6th. So we endured, postponed, and as a result, the meeting on September 10, and on the 2nd we stopped at the hotel.

After the Olympics in Rio, we came to the reception almost immediately, in the first week after arrival. Of course, this is much more convenient. Got an appointment and then you can plan your business and so on.

Now we were so much kept in the dark – in the end, no one could do business, plan events or fly away on vacation. Because of the covid, everything went wrong and did not go as usual.

– But, judging by your remarks on Instagram, you are clearly worried about sitting in a hotel.

– Yes, the World Cup in a month. I didn’t have the experience to stay out of training for the week before him.

But again, an additional interesting test: how much preparation is possible in a month? Probably a month is the deadline. If the quarantine ended in 2-3 weeks – definitely not, I would not agree.

I do not have such that I get angry and go crazy. I understand that quarantine is a blessing, it is a mandatory measure. It is clear that in some moments it may look absurd, but … This is necessary – it means that it is necessary. If I arise and get angry, the measures will not change.

I found pluses in quarantine. First, for the first time after the Olympics, I slept well. Secondly, I took time for myself. And then the chase and the tight schedule that were after the Olympics … This is not now, you can sit quietly, – said Melnikova.

Our Olympians are in a 7-day quarantine before meeting with Putin. How does it work and what do they think about it?

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