Diablo 2 Player 15 Years Apologized To A Friend For Stealing Equipment | Games

Diablo II player Bmarsh3 wrote an apology post in which he admitted that for 15 years his conscience was tormented by an argument with a friend. Then he had access to his account – using this, the gamer stole a friend’s equipment.


“During the golden days of Diablo II, I played it with a buddy called Phoenix who we met online. We regularly played together and traded in equipment. Times were good and I was shit. We knew each other’s logins so that we could do something while the other was offline, and in the end I took some of his equipment. It was a stupid and damn immature thing to do.

Of course, he found out about it, and I lost my friend. I didn’t have the opportunity to tell him that I learned this and many other life lessons. So in case you’re here reading this, I want to apologize. Hope you are doing well and still playing Diablo. You were a good guy, and I still remember this wrong, even though it’s been over 15 years. “

Bmarsh3 encouraged users to enjoy Diablo and help other people have a positive gaming experience. To his surprise, there was a man on reddit who identified himself as Phoenix. Gamers have already exchanged account data in Battle.net and agreed to subsequently play together. Probably 15 years later, the deceived teammate accepted the apology.

The official Diablo II remaster will be released on September 23rd, subtitled Resurrected. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X, and Nintendo Switch. Previously, the author of Cybersport.ru Dmitry Craft Murr played a demo version of the title – you can read the review in the material.

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