Every country needs a crypto strategy — the founder of Cardano

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson shared his thoughts on the legalization of Bitcoin by Salvador and urged other countries to follow him.

Cardano Founder Congratulates Bitcoin

In a video posted on YouTube, Charles Hoskinson congratulated Bitcoin on a historic event. He first wondered how far cryptocurrencies had progressed on their journey to global acceptance, remembering how he joined the space in 2011. While regretting the loss of old friends, Hoskinson also praised the unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies over the past decade.

“Bitcoin has grown to the point where nation states are now not only taking it seriously, but today one of them has decided to make it legal tender,” said Hoskinson.

Towards legalization

Hoskinson is engaged in altcoins, but believes that the legalization of bitcoin is a common victory for cryptocurrencies.

“This is an important moment for our entire industry,” he said. “This is the time to reflect on how far we have come in the last 12 years.”

In particular, Hoskinson noted the remarkable growth dynamics of bitcoin: from “invention” to an experiment “not designed for success, but rather proving its point of view,” and, as a result, to a potential global currency. Bitcoin is now the legal currency in the nation state of El Salvador. The founder of Cardano also noted the speed of the industry.

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“Quite frankly, there is nothing in human history that has grown so rapidly, so actively and inspired this degree of philosophical conversation,” he said.

This achievement has forced countries around the world to shape their approach to cryptocurrencies, the founder of Cardano also noted.

“From now on, every single nation state should have a cryptocurrency strategy,” he argues.

According to Hoskinson, young people have made a great contribution to the growth of cryptocurrencies and their further development. He also noted that most people under 25 are delighted with and own cryptocurrencies, so their children will grow up with the same views. In addition, such widespread adoption of bitcoin effectively legalizes the philosophy that “we have to control the money in our pocket, and ultimately we have to control how that money moves.”


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