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The Secret to a Million talk show with host Leroy Kudryavtseva celebrates its first 5th anniversary on September 11, 2021. The guest of the new anniversary edition of the project, which will consist of two parts, will be the Honored Artist of Russia Natasha Koroleva.

In the next issue, the singer will reveal the secrets of family life with Sergei Glushko – how many times she was on the verge of divorce, caught treason, and how they lived to see the turquoise wedding. The second part will be released in a week, on September 18. On the air of NTV, the artist will open an envelope with a secret that even the closest relatives of Koroleva do not know, and will tell the truth, which for a long time haunts her right in the studio.

The first edition of the Secret to a Million program was released in 2016. Over the 5 years of the show’s existence, 187 issues were released. 196 heroes participated in the project, among whom were famous performers, actors, journalists, People’s Artists of Russia, world famous ballerinas and even illusionists.

InterMedia reminds that in total 10 envelopes with the main prize were opened, and the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya, People’s Artists of Russia Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Serov, Tatyana Vasilyeva and Nadezhda Babkina, theater and film actors Natalya Andreichenko and Marat Basharov dared to declassify their innermost secrets, singer Sergey Lazarev, as well as actresses Anna Semenovich and Elena Proklova. The total amount of winnings amounted to 45,050,000 rubles, which were sent to charitable foundations.

Air at 20.20

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