Lewis Hamilton I want equal opportunity

Lewis Hamilton said Thursday at Monza that Honda has a power advantage over Mercedes and that rivals from Red Bull Racing will be very fast.

“In previous years, we were favorites in Monza, but I admit that this time could be different,” said Lewis. – Of course, I expect that we will be fast enough, but Red Bull Racing’s Honda motors are more powerful than ours this year, and there are many straights on the track here. In terms of motors, our rivals have made the most progress and are likely to be very strong, the battle promises to be tight. “

Journalists reminded Lewis of the difficult rivalry with Nico Rosberg and, in light of George Russell’s move to Mercedes, asked if it was possible for two very competitive riders to compete in the same team without conflicts.

“Do not know. History shows that in different teams the situation can develop in different ways, a lot depends on how the work with the riders is structured, – said Hamilton. – Formula 1 is a rather strange sport in the sense that it is both team and individual at the same time. There are two standings in the championship, and even if you yourself want to finish ahead of everyone, including ahead of your team-mate, you must also think about the interests of the team. The situation is sometimes difficult, but I hope that we have learned the previous lessons, we will be fine. “

Hamilton was asked if he fears that George Russell will exert more pressure than Valtteri Bottas.

“I don’t know what to expect from George and I don’t set goals for him,” Lewis said. – I have said more than once that George is talented and demonstrates excellent speed, but I will not undertake to say whether he will be faster or slower than Valtteri, because we did not play in the same team. Let’s see what progress he makes at Mercedes, and how he will contribute to the overall result.

Would I have prevented George from coming to Mercedes? I don’t think this is not my rule. From the very beginning of my collaboration with Mercedes in 2013, I have said that I want equal opportunity for the riders. There is nothing better than knowing that you are ahead of someone who competed in the same car and gave all the best. And I am not interested in winning against someone whose chances are artificially reduced. “

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