“My son asked if it’s true I will be in FIFA 22. I confirmed, and he told me:“ So, you are not old yet, ”says Alexander Mostovoy – Games

Former Celta midfielder Alexander Mostovoy, in an interview with Sports.ru, shared his emotions about being included in the FUT Heroes list in FIFA 22.

About FIFA

“I openly said that I was not a fan of video games: I found a period when all this did not exist. I didn’t even know that this would happen. But when the children play, you already begin to delve into everything, get involved. In recent years, I have been closely associated with children’s football (Sports.ru: Alexander has his own academy), so I have accumulated a lot of information about the hobbies of the guys. I heard the kids discussing FIFA among themselves. I know how they sell and buy football players there. I know the nuances and terms. It’s another matter that I won’t sit down to play with them – I understand that I can’t do anything there.

The first time I heard about video games was from my son. My daughter took part in this a little, but my son constantly played. I think you yourself understand: the famous football player has a son … Whether you want it or not, he will do it. At first, after all, all the fans from the cards in the albums – then everything went to the consoles. When I came, my son constantly played at home with friends, then he started playing online … He also found out that I would be in FIFA 22, not from me, but from friends – he asked if it was true. I confirmed, and he replied to me: “So you are not old yet.”

Older versions of FIFA had a mode where you can replay famous matches of the past. Someone would say “No, I’m happy with everything,” but I’ll be honest: I would gladly beat several matches and even life situations, but without the details. So much time has passed, and I remember them very well. ”

About the hobbies of football players

“Now football players also play, and my generation had other hobbies – mainly cards and dominoes. Well, someone played checkers chess, there was also table tennis, billiards. So it was in the USSR, they played at the bases. In Europe, everything was already a little more free – there you are left to yourself, no one locks you in, no one watches. I played cards in the USSR, then in the national team. It was different in Europe: when they sat down to play, I didn’t even look after them. I didn’t understand what they were playing. It was even uninteresting. Of course, later computer games appeared, but I don’t remember that someone was directly fond of this in my time. It seems to me that we have not yet hit the boom. “

Mostovoy became the first Russian footballer to receive a FUT Heroes card in FIFA 22. Midfielder rating – 86.

“The son said:” So you are not old yet. ” Mostovoy will be in FIFA 22 – keep his monologue about games and career

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