New revision of PlayStation 5 tested for noise and heat – CPU cooling became more efficient

At the end of August, sales of a new revision began Playstation 5… Disassembling the console revealed that a reduced-size radiator is now installed inside, which caused a dispute about the effectiveness of the cooling system. Some believe that design changes have made the console hotter, while others are of the opinion that Sony I have foreseen everything and this will not affect the operation of the console in any way.

Decided to clarify the YouTube channel Hardware Busters InternationalTo do this, both revisions of the PlayStation 5 – old and new – were tested for the heating level of the internal components themselves.… The measurements were carried out under the same load and under equal conditions.

The results are as follows:

  • The fans in both revisions were the same and worked at the same speed, but during the running game Devil May Cry 5, the new revision turned out to be a little louder: 25.9 dB versus 24.8 dB. The reason is a smaller radiator, as a result of which the air passing through it produces more noise;
  • Power consumption is almost the same in all scenarios for the old and new revisions;
  • Running the console in a static scene of DMC 5 gameplay for 30 minutes showed 10 degrees less heating of the processor in the new revision compared to the old one: 40.08 ℃ and 51.15 ℃, respectively;
  • At the same time, the heating of the solid-state drive and the voltage regulator module, on the contrary, turned out to be higher in the new revision than in the old one. The numbers are:
    • SSD – 40.88 ℃ (old) and 48.2 ℃ (new)
    • VRM – 44.97 ℃ (old) and 46.32 ℃ (new)
  • The outgoing air is indeed several degrees higher in the new model: 42.11 ℃ versus 39.85 ℃ in the old one;

Design differences:

  • Outwardly, the only difference is in the screw of the stand;
  • The radiator has become smaller, but the number of heat pipes has not decreased – there are still six of them;
  • The PCB is slightly different. Has a lighter green color and different placement of some chips.

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