“RPL is unlikely to be able to live without a public channel. “Match TV” is just that. ” General producer of “Match TV” Tashchin about TV rights – Football

General Producer of the Match TV channel Alexander Tashchin spoke about the rights to the RPL matches.

– In addition to Okko, Megafon and Yandex are expected in your competition. Do you have an understanding of what conditions they will offer?

– You understand that, according to our contract, no one except us can negotiate with the RPL. Therefore, all other players are at the level of speculation and rumors. So far, the RPL’s interaction, she confirmed this, is only with us. After there is some kind of solution on our proposal, it is possible that new players will officially appear. But what are their conditions and, most importantly, how will they show, on what resources?

We all understand that the RPL is unlikely to be able to live without a public TV channel. Everyone understands that Russian football should be on a public channel. Match TV is just that. We are showing more than two matches on the tour this year for free. Who, besides us, will be able to show and develop Russian football in the same way, is a big question.

– They say that Okko is negotiating with Channel One.

– That is, Channel One will broadcast two matches in the round? I have never heard of this officially anywhere. We all remember how football was shown before Match TV. The central game of the tour was shown at 2 pm: not all spectators and, often, football players were comfortable. Let’s see.

– In June, the RPL could terminate the contract due to a shortage of subscribers to Match Premier. Truth?

– I will not disclose the details of the contract. But, as you can see, no termination took place. We are also showing the last season under the current contract.

– But you signed an additional agreement.

– Once again: the details of the contract are our commercial side.

– Now, according to the agreement that you are proposing, how many subscribers should there be for Match Premier?

– We have not yet written about such details. While we are talking about some kind of basic big offer. We will discuss the number of games on Match TV and Match Premier further.

– Will the number of matches on the federal channel increase?

– So far it is difficult to comment. I think we will definitely not show less than two, – said Tashchin.

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